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Topshop staff reveal secrets they aren’t allowed to share, from changing room hook-ups to playing games in the shop

FORMER Topshop employees have lifted the lid on the secrets they aren’t allowed to tell customers but we are all desperate to know. 

From hook-ups in the changing rooms to how you can nab a free tote bag, we unveil what really goes on behind-the-scenes at the high street giant. 

Boyfriends are sneaked into changing rooms

Sometimes passion proves too great for some couples, even during shopping sprees, and numerous people sneak into the changing rooms of the opposite sex. 

A former employee told the Mirror that this would often lead to an awkward conversation with the romantic couple. 

They explained: “Sometimes you'd have to leave the changing room unmanned for 30 seconds while you ran to get someone another size and these partners would mysteriously teleport from the waiting area to behind the curtain with their partner.”

Employees play games in the shop before it opens

One staff member said that their team would play “Splat” in the shop before it opened up to customers. 

They explained that this would help get them in a “fun mood” for their shift. 

The game involved them standing in a circle, and pretending to fire at each other with a fake gun, with the “victim” ducking to avoid the splat. 

If you got caught, you would then become the “splatter”. 

Staff try on clothes mid-shift

Being surrounded by racks of fashionable clothes must get tempting for staff members, and one team member revealed how pieces would often catch their eye. 

They said: “It's pretty common for staff to see something they like and reserve it, so that when things get a little quiet, we can go and try it on.”

They explained that if it gets too busy during the shift, they would wait until their lunch break to sample the latest collections. 

Relationships occur between Topshop and Topman employees

Working in close proximity to numerous staff members can lead to romance in the air. 

One worker confessed: “I met an ex-boyfriend in Topman whom I was with for seven years and many others had long-lasting relationships from working at the company."

Who knew Topshop was the new Tinder?

Staff DO get discounts 

Not only do staff that work at Topshop get a huge 60 per cent uniform discount to spend on clothes for their shifts, they also get discounts for their friends and family.

Ranging from 20 per cent to 30 per cent off, these vouchers can be given to anyone staff want to pass the discount on to.

Staff also get 25 per cent off any other stores that are part of the Arcadia branch, which also includes Dorothy Perkins and Burton. 

But the only drawback is, staff discount cards cannot be used online, so you have to make a trip down to your nearest store.

Get a free tote bag

Watch out for new stores opening nearby, because if one is launching in your area, you might be able to get a free tote bag when you visit.

To celebrate the opening of new shops, bosses give out the free bags to the first 100 people through the doors on their first day.

This was the case in July 2018 when the new Topshop and Topman in Lincoln's Waterside Shopping Centre was opened, seeing shoppers receive the free gift.

Plus, those who spend more than £40 in one transaction on opening day were given a free bonus item, plus the chance to win a £100 shopping spree.

Topshop wants you to keep your hangers

Many people feel cheeky asking to keep hangers, but staff members are in full support of this. 

An employee said: “Every few hours someone from back of house comes to collect the huge boxes of hangers from behind the tills. These would get taped up, stored and sent back to the head office to be reused.”

They explained that sometimes there would be huge piles of boxes to be sent away. 

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