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Top 10 states for UFOs sightings revealed after 14,973 spotted in California but Nevada ISN’T included despite Area 51

IF you're hoping to catch a glimpse of a UFO in the skies above the United States then your best bet isn't to head to Area 51 in Nevada - it's actually to go to California, a new report has revealed.

Since its founding in 1974, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has documented a staggering 126,319 sightings of unidentified flying objects in the US.

Using stats from NUFORC's online database, Area 52 compiled a list of the top 10 states you're most likely to spot a UFO in and found you're nearly twice as likely to see one in California than anywhere else in the country.

The data shows that a total of 14,973 sightings have been reported in the Sunshine State, which accounts for 11.85 percent of all sightings in the US.

Florida, which ranked second on the list, has recorded nearly half of the amount of potential UFO encounters, boasting a tally of 7,458.

Also making the top five was Washington with 6,678, Texas with 5,589, and New York with 5,353.


Two surprise admissions from the top 10 came in the form of Nevada and New Mexico, the so-called UFO tourism hubs of the US, which have recorded just 1,576 and 1,524 sightings, respectively.

That may come as a surprise to UFO truthers, for both states are famed for alleged extraterrestrial activity according to alien folklore.

Nevada is home to Area 51, a highly classified United States Air Force facility where some conspiracy theorists believe the government is keeping alien lifeforms and aircraft.

The site, which is illegal to fly over, was created during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union as a testing and development facility for aircraft.

Although it was opened in 1955, its existence was only officially acknowledged by the CIA in 2013.

New Mexico, meanwhile, is home to the infamous Roswell Incident, which involved the crash of a large weather balloon near a ranch that some claim was actually a flying saucer.

The conspiracy was born out of a press release sent out by the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) on July 8, 1947, which stated they had recovered a "flying disk" from the crash site.

The army quickly retracted the statement and instead said the crashed object was in fact a weather balloon.

The incident didn't make headlines again until the late 1970s, when a retired lieutenant colonel claimed the balloon account was part of a government cover-up. Legions of conspiracy theories have followed in the decades since.


But despite the two famed events, Nevada and New Mexico were edged out of the Top 10 sightings tally by Arizona (4,570), Pennsylvania (4,544), Ohio (4,083), Illinois (4,003), and Michigan (3,366).

In fact, nearly half of all the recorded sightings in the US have been reported in the Top 10 states, Area 52 reports.

The three most recent potential UFO sightings were also shared as part of the report.

The latest came in Lake Elsinore, California on September 7. The person who reported the alleged sighting said they were upstairs in their home feeding their baby while looking out the window.

"[I] Saw lights in the form of a triangle above the house across the street," the person said. "Was sitting still then started moving slowly. [It] vanished into thin air. Just went and never reappeared."

On the same day, in Rio Vista California, another person reported seeing a diamond-shaped UFO in the sky at 1 pm in the afternoon.


"[I] was going through Taco Bell looking up over Dodge dealership and seeing 7 tiny diamond-shaped objects at first I thought that they were birds but every time they would move they would reflect a bright shiny silver color there was two that were remaining still, the rest of them were moving in very weird patterns like triangles and squares in a very uniform pattern.

"When I told the passenger to take a picture all of a sudden they had disappeared. Even the car in front of us was pointing and you could tell they were seeing what we were seeing."

On the otherside of the country, also on September 7th, one person reported seeing a "fireball" type "object over my house."

"It was sitting in one place as I filmed it but began to move when the film started. It was white.

"Then there were two blue oblong type-shaped items the showed in the video. It was a cloudy evening there were no stars showing. I shot two videos of the object."

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