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Tommy Fury says he will send Jake Paul ‘crying again’ like Floyd Mayweather did if YouTuber steals his hat in America

TOMMY FURY said he will send Jake Paul 'crying again' if the YouTuber tires to steal his hat in America - like he did with Floyd Mayweather.

Paul grabbed headlines in May after he nicked the boxing legend's cap at a press conference in Miami, sparking a mass brawl.

The social media sensation took a blow from Mayweather for his troubles but brilliantly had 'gotcha cap' trending and even made into merchandise.

But Fury warned it will end it tears if Paul tries the stunt again when they both fight on the same bill Stateside on August 29.

He said: "I'll hit him with a left hook like Floyd Mayweather and send him crying again. 

"He got a little bit of a shot around the eye and he went off in the changing room crying with a red face. 

"I know exactly what he's about. This here is a thrill seeking night for me. I'm going to go over there, enjoy it and take it with both hands." 

Paul, 24, pranked Mayweather, 44, before his older brother Logan, 26, faced the American great in an exhibition bout on June 6.

That ended without a winner, after Logan surpassingly survived all eight rounds, and technically avoided defeat as there was no knockout scored.

"He got a little bit of a shot around the eye and he went off in the changing room crying with a red face.

Tommy Fury on Jake Paul's brawl with Floyd Mayweather

On the week of the bizarre pay-per-view spectacle, it was announced Paul would fight Tyron Woodley, 39, in his fourth professional bout.

He will meet the ex-UFC champion in his home of Cleveland, with Fury, brother of heavyweight champion Tyson, on the undercard.

The 2019 Love Island star has signed a two-fight deal with US broadcasters Showtime, who also have Paul on their books.

It allows the pair to begin building to an expected PPY fight of their own down the line.

Paul considered Fury for his return to the ring after knocking out retired UFC welterweight Ben Askren, 37, in April.

But he feared the Brit's profile Stateside needed enhancing, which has set up the light-heavyweight with a spot on next month's event.


He will face MMA fighter Anthony Taylor - a sparring partner of Paul's - only adding fuel to the fire.

Taylor, 32, has been in Puerto Rico with Paul training together and the pair recently filmed a callout video.

In the clip, the Bellator lightweight said he would KO 'Tommy Fairy' and told his girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague: 'Come to my Love Island'.

But Fury was unfazed by the trash talk - belieivng Taylor is just enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

He said: "Talking is talking. Talk's cheap at the end of the day. 

"You can talk as much as you want but when you get into the ring, what's it going to do for him then? 


"At the end of the day, he can keep talking, it's the only amount of fame he's going to have. He's fighting me, it's over in his backyard. 

"He's never going to get this opportunity again so he's going to take it with both hands and he's going to say, 'I'm going to knock him out'. 

"Like every other fighter says, 'I'm going to knock him out'. It's cliche, it would be weird if he didn't say that." 


Jake Paul's sparring partner Anthony Taylor mocks opponent Tommy 'Fairy' and tells Molly-Mae 'come to my Love Island'

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