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‘Tinge of sadness!’ Charles travels to Barbados as island cut ties with the crown

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The Prince of Wales is expected to arrive on the island nation on Monday, where he is set to spend two days. As the island cuts ties with the monarchy, Dame Sandra Mason, the current governor-general will be sworn in as president this week.

Dame Sandra Mason will replace the Queen as head of state on the country’s 55th anniversary of independence on Tuesday.

Clarence House announced earlier this month Prince Charles would be visiting Barbados in a Twitter post.

It read: “The Prince of Wales will visit Barbados to mark Barbados’ transition to a Republic within the Commonwealth.

“As future Head of the Commonwealth, HRH has been invited by Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, to be Guest of Honour at the Republic Celebration events.”


Prince Charles (Image: PA)


Prince Charles (Image: PA)

The heir to the throne last visited the Caribbean nation in 2019.

Barbados, which currently is one of the 15 overseas realms recognising the Queen as their head of state, announced in September 2020 its intention to become a republic.

In September, the Barbadian Parliament unanimously approved a constitutional reform which will see the nation's citizens swearing allegiance to their country and the continuity of its institutions rather than the Queen.

Speaking about the vote on the reform, Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said it put an end to discussions over whether the country was going to achieve its full independence.

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Prince Charles (Image: PA)

Kamala Harris

Prime Minister of Barbados with Kamala Harris (Image: PA)

She added that this reform announced to the world “we have the confidence in ourselves to be fully responsible for who we are and what we do.”

According to the Times, a source who knows the Queen well, said: “The Queen knows the world changes and moves on, Barbados is a symbol of that and she rolls with it.

“But there will be a tinge of reflection and sadness, as it is severing another link with the past.”

A royal aide said: “As Her Majesty embraced independence and welcomed countries to the Commonwealth, the Prince of Wales’s presence and the message that will be sent to the president from Her Majesty, shows it is a respected decision.

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Mia Amor Mottley (Image: PA)

“They may have moved out of the street but they are still very much in the community.”

Another source close to Charles, said: “He is pragmatic about realms going their own way. But he won’t like the aesthetics if lots more start to follow Barbados.”

The last country to remove the Queen as head of state was Mauritius in 1992.