Monday August 12

Lindsay Birbeck goes shopping with her daughter, Sarah, to The Mall in Blackburn and later to Asda in Accrington. CCTV footage was shown in court of Lindsay at both locations.

1.30pm - Lindsay drops her daughter off at home (she lived with her dad Tim). They arrange for Sarah and her boyfriend Brandon to go to Lindsay’s house at around 6pm for tea.

4pm – Lindsay leaves her house on Burnley Road heading in the direction of Accrington town centre. The court was told Lindsay was a keep-fit enthusiast so going for a walk was not unusual and there was an area of woodland called The Coppice close to her house where she would regularly walk.

5pm - Sarah Birbeck and her boyfriend Brandon make their way to Lindsay’s house on Burnley Road. They find the door locked and get no answer. They wait for around an hour, but Lindsay never returns. A worried Sarah then phones her dad.

7pm – Tim Birbeck (Lindsay’s ex-husband) picks Brandon and Sarah up.

Later that evening – Sarah and her dad go back to Lindsay’s house and let themselves in with a set of keys and find there is no-one home and nothing out of place in the house. Sarah returns home with Tim and they contact the police telling the operator: “…my ex-wife seems to have gone missing and my daughter’s just got me up and been to her house and had a look and we can’t find her. It’s not like her.” A missing-from-home investigation is launched, and specially trained officers initially concentrate their search efforts on The Coppice.

August 13 to 23

Police carry out repeated public appeals and searches of the Huncoat and Accrington area. Hundreds of worried residents, family and friends of Lindsay join the searches.

August 24

On the Saturday, 12 days after Lindsay had gone missing, Morgan Parkinson, a dog walker, finds her body in Accrington Cemetery. The police are called and discover a body in a makeshift grave, which is later confirmed to be that of Lindsay.

August 26

Home Office pathologist, Dr Naomi Carter, determines the cause of death was neck injuries.

August 27

A teenager is arrested on suspicion of murdering Lindsay.

August 31

The 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is formally charged with murder. He appears in court two days later.