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Time-saving mum preps EIGHT WEEKS worth of meals for her family in one sitting to speed up meal times

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A TIME-SAVING mum preps EIGHT WEEKS worth of meals for her family in one sitting to speed up meal times.

The savvy mum shared the 'dump and go' hack to the Slow Cooker Recipe and Tips Facebook page and fellow group members went wild for it.

Alongside a pic of multiple freezer bags containing different yummy meals such as 'spag bol,' 'cottage pie,' ' sweet and sour' chicken and 'chilli,' the Aussie mum wrote:

"I've gone a bit mad today and started to make up my meals. I got so into it that I didn't realise how long I was doing it for."

She added: "I did take breaks, but I'm definitely feeling sorry now. But knowing that our freezer is full with meals for the next six to eight weeks is worth all the pain."

And her fellow slow cooking fanatics were quick to praise her for her efforts.

One wrote: "Wow, pretty impressive. You deserve a rest now."

While another encouraged her, commenting: "Think of the money you're saving by not having to "pop" into the shops every other day to get something for dinner. Good on you I say."

Another explained the concept of 'dump bags,' writing: "These are dump bags, no pre-cooking just ingredients thrown in a bag and popped in the freezer ready to be defrosted and dumped in the slow cooker"

Top 10 meal prep staples

1. Mixed Nuts

2. Chia Seeds

3. Frozen Fruit

4. Whole-Wheat Pasta

5. Rolled Oats

6. Rice Malt Syrup

7. Quinoa

8. Canned Beans

9. Extra Virgin Oil

10. Canned Tuna

The idea of 'dump and go' is preparing raw food ahead of time to be left to cook in a slow cooker.

And so revered is the meal prepping tactic that its acquired a bit of a cult following online thanks to its money and time saving benefits.

Though it is strongly advised to ensure all pre-prepped meals are thoroughly defrosted before slow cooking.

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