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Tiger King Joe Exotic begs Donald Trump to pardon prison sentence in handwritten note that claims he’s ‘abused’ in jail

TIGER King star Joe Exotic has pleaded for a pardon from President Donald Trump in a handwritten letter he scribed from his Texas jail cell.

Joseph “Exotic” Maldonado-Passage, 57, wants to clear his name after being sentenced to 22-years in prison over a plot to kill his rival, Carole Baskin.

In the three-page note, Joe revealed he’s been “abused” by jail guards and wants out.

The Netflix star sent his plea to podcast host, Josh Belcher, who showed off the document on his friend’s behalf.

“I would like to thank everyone in America and around the world for their love and support.

“If the millions of you can see what has been done wrong to me in the name of justice, let's hope President Trump will also make this right and grant me a pardon,” Joe wrote.

"We must take a stand in America that corrupt justice will no longer be tolerated.

“And Nancy Pelosi needs to put up or shut up with her quote: ‘no-one is above the law,’” he said of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The reality star claimed his new legal time has “evidence, text messages from the agents and witnesses phones that two assistant U.S. Attorneys, two FBI agents and a federal wildlife agent all conspired to commit perjury.”

He alleged that “this evidence was prevented from the jury seeing it.”

Joe then brought up his big cat rival, Carole, 59, who he was accused of plotting to murder.

“The federal agents had a private agenda for Carole Baskin, from the beginning, because the USDA, who licensed me to have a zoo, told me told me to put those tigers to sleep.

“And the Federal game warden arrested me for taking an endangered species. But did not have the vet look at their bodies to see why.

“They just cut their heads off to parade in front of the jury, to make them hate me,” he claimed.

Joe then made unsubstantiated allegations of “abuse” against the prison employees.

“But what is worse is going on in places like this, being in jail gives guards a free pass for abuse.

“I have scars from the skin coming off of my arms from being strapped in a chair so tight and so long just for demanding answers,” the former zookeeper claimed.

He then encouraged his fans to do some research to “learn” why he’s so “upset.”

“Look up at jail requirements for your state. You will be amazed the chimp has higher standards in America than grown humans in jail,” he concluded.

In April, the President said he would take a look at the high-profile case.

Joe’s attempt to be exonerated is the first time he has officially commented since his reality show, Tiger King, became a global hit.

He is currently at a prison in Fort Worth, Texas, where he has been incarcerated since March after being sentenced in January 2019.

The Netflix sensation is serving a 22-year jail sentence after being found guilty of paying a hitman to kill animal activist Carole, and for killing tigers to make room for more exotic cats in his former animal park.

Juror in ‘Tiger King’ murder trial thinks Joe Exotic ‘really thought he would get away with it’

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