Patients who abuse NHS staff will be banned from hospitals after the number of attacks on medics rose.

The NHS Staff Survey found 14.9% of workers experienced violence in 2019, up from 14.6%.

The polling of more than 560,000 NHS workers also revealed that 28.5% were bullied by members of the public.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said any patient abusing doctors and nurses will be turned away for non-emergency care.

In a letter sent to workers he said: “There is far too much violence against NHS staff.”

The number of violent incidents towards staff is on the rise

The NHS has also joined forces with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to approve a Joint Agreement on Offences Against Emergency Workers.

Mr Hancock added: “This will ensure that those who act violently and with criminal intent towards NHS staff are swiftly brought to justice.”

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NHS England said that from April NHS hospitals will be able to bar patients who inflict discriminatory behaviour on staff.

Until now services could only be refused to patients if they were aggressive or violent. Black and minority ethnic staff were 14% more likely to experience violence.