A reckless thug who spat at a police officer before telling him "I have coronavirus" has been jailed.

Oliver Cook, 35, was arrested after he was spotted stealing meat at a supermarket in Oxford Street, Whitstable.

He then spat at the policeman while claiming to have Covid-19.

He was later charged with two counts of assaulting an emergency worker, theft and criminal damage.

Cook, of no fixed abode, admitted the charges at Medway Magistrates' Court yesterday and was jailed for a total of 120 days.

He also kicked another officer as he was put into a police van.

District Commander for Canterbury and Dover, Chief Inspector Elena Hall, said: 'All emergency services and our whole community, which includes our officers and staff, are working extremely hard in challenging circumstances."

She added: "We will not tolerate attacks of this kind.

"We will seek the prosecution of anyone who spits at or otherwise assaults any of our team, making sure the court know it is aggravated by any claims to have the coronavirus infection."

The coronavirus crisis is continuing to wreak havoc across the UK.

Police have been forced to impose lockdown orders, put in place by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

But many have been seen flouting these orders, gathering in public places.