A Perth thug who challenged a 15-year-old boy to fight and then, in a separate incident, hurled abusive remarks at his own mother, was jailed for a total of nine months at the sheriff court.

But when 22-year-old James Stewart, of Elcho Court, is released, he will be allowed to complete a community payback order after he subjected his then girlfriend to a terrifying ordeal stretching over three days.

The court heard that the order, which involves 200 hours of unpaid work, was imposed last year as an alternative to custody after the female became “fearful for her safety”.

Depute fiscal Andrew Harding told the court on Wednesday that the accused challenged the teenager to a fight in Blairgowrie ’s Davie Park on November 7 last year.

He then threatened him with violence and pursued him across the park football pitches.

Part of the charge which alleged that Stewart brandished a metal bar and a knife was deleted.

The incident involving his mother took place at houses on Davie Park Place, Rattray, on December 20, 2020.

Stewart repeatedly shouted and swore and made abusive remarks towards her before throwing a stone, which struck the wall of one of the houses.

He also punched a window, shattering a pane of glass.

Stewart admitted both charges and also pled guilty to flouting a December 4 bail order banning him from going to Davie Park.

The domestic abuse ordeal took place between September 3 and 6, 2020, in Perth’s Mill Street and South Methven Street - and elsewhere.

The court was told previously that Stewart smashed the woman’s phone, throwing it against a wall at Perth’s Playhouse Cinema - before seizing her by the hair in a nearby car park and covering her mouth with his hand.

He said he did not want the police to hear as he would “go to prison”.

The following day, she told him the relationship was over and packed his belongings into a bin bag.

She managed to leave her flat and sought help from a city centre restaurant.

“She told a member of staff she was scared of her boyfriend and was looking for help,” depute fiscal Sean Maher explained.

She asked for a lift to her mother’s house and two delivery drivers agreed to take her.

But Stewart had followed her and he ran towards the car.

He seized hold of her and tried to pull her from the vehicle, demanding that she “get out and come with him”.

Eventually she complied and they began walking over the North Inch.

“By that time, she was concerned for her safety,” added the fiscal.

She tried to escape by running off when they reached the St John’s Academy but he grabbed her by her clothing.

They then made their way along a cycle path, towards Almondbank.

Her ordeal ended when police, who had been given a description of the pair, spotted them in a field.

She was traced but Stewart was lost to sight.

“Following an extensive search, using a police dog, he was traced in a nearby housing development and arrested,” stated the fiscal.

As well as the unpaid work, Stewart was ordered to take part in the two-year Caledonian Men’s Programme which helps offenders address domestic abuse.

In addition, he had a three-year Non-Harassment Order imposed, banning him from approaching, contacting or communicating with the woman in any way.

Solicitor Paul Ralph said the “stramash” at Stewart’s mother’s house had been caused by a build-up of tension.

That had also caused him to break-off contact with the social workers who were supervising the order.

Sheriff Neil Bowie backdated the nine-month jail term to April 24, when Stewart had first been remanded.

But he said there was “considerable merit” in allowing the unpaid work – and the Caledonian Programme – to continue for “public protection reasons”.