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'Three lanes, nose to tail' - hilarious video shows 'rush hour' traffic at highland cow farm

A video from a Scottish farm that specialises in highland cattle has gone viral after it showed the 'rush hour' traffic featuring some of their shaggy stars.

A post on the Kitchen Coos & Ewes Facebook page, from the Airyolland farm in Newton Stewart, showed the surprisingly ordered hustle and bustle as a herd of the Heilan' Coos moved in ranks of three along a country road.

The Heilan Coo 'traffic jam' is proving massively popular online. Picture:

The Heilan Coo 'traffic jam' is proving massively popular online. Picture:

Joking that traffic "is just mad here", the farm team added: "Three lanes, nose to tail as far as the eye can see."

The post, which has had over a thousand shares, has already went down a storm online.

One fan quipped: "Well at least their not tooting their horns at the front."

While another joked that it was their "dream traffic jam".

Neale McQuistin, who runs the farm with his partner Janet, said: "The coos were on their way back from their final prenatal check-up when Janet captured the video. They are now officially on ‘mooternity leave’."

The pair, who also run several special educational tours of the farm where you can get up close and personal with the livestock, took over Airyolland 27 years ago - ten days after they got married, they now breed the famous Highland cattle as well as Beltex, Bluefaced Leicester and Scotch Mule sheep.