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Thousands of Trump fans join huge motorcade in Iowa backing the president with flags and banners

A LARGE motorcade with supporters of President Donald Trump passed through Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday waving flags and banners.

More than 1,500 people in 500 cars, trucks and motorcycles were estimated to have participated in the rally honoring Trump as it made its way from the suburbs to the State Capitol downtown.

Gary Leffler, an often-publicized Trump supporter, organized the event and was seen handing out high-fives as the motorcade passed.

“This is the people rising up, getting together and saying, 'Hey, we are no longer the silent majority. We are tired of the status quo and we are working hard to get President Trump re-elected,'" Leffler told local outlet KCCI.

Images from the event show people waving American Flags and Trump 2020 flags including the campaign slogan Keep America Great.

Supporters wore large Trump masks and one man was spotted holding up four fingers symbolizing four more years of President Trump.

Members of the Women for Trump movement also held signs during the motorcade, signaling the support of women voters in the state.

One woman, holding a Thin Red Line flag in support of firefighters, was pictured wearing a shirt that read: “I’d rather get COVID-19 than BIDEN-20.”

Trump will face former vice-president Joe Biden the first presidential debate on Tuesday ahead of the November 3 election. 

In 2016, Trump walloped Hillary Clinton in the Hawkeye State – getting 51 percent of the vote compared to Clinton’s 41.7 percent.

However, Barack Obama beat out both John McCain in 2008 and  Mitt Romney in 2012.

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