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This Morning viewers spot Alice Beer being ‘burgled’ as stranger wanders into her house during feature on home security

THIS Morning fans were convinced Alice Beer was being robbed - while presenting a segment on home security.

The 55-year-old TV star was telling viewers how to secure their homes when a woman appeared to walk out of her house with an oil painting.

The lady then saw the cameras and marched back around the corner of the the Wiltshire home still clutching the expensive-looking artwork.

Eamonn Holmes, watching the scenes unfold in the studio, joked that they would be sending the footage to Crimewatch.

One viewer tweeted: "Does Alice know there's someone nicking a painting right behind her while she's talking about burglar alarms?!"

Another wrote: "Oops burglar spotted behind alice with picture in hand."

However, the former Watchdog star later insisted it was just her neighbour doing the rounds while she was talking about burglar alarms.

Eamonn, 60, explained: "Alice Beer was there outside her home and, caught on security camera, it looks like somebody stealing the painting from her home there.

"It happened live on this programme and we are going to send that clip to Crimewatch if we can.

"Then Alice phoned and said: 'Don't worry, it's only my neighbour being neighbourly'. Of all the times. Caught in the act!"

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