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This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes forced to apologise after show accidentally leaks MP’s phone number on air

THIS Morning's Eamonn Holmes was forced to apologise to an MP after the show accidentally broadcast her personal phone number live on air.

Labour politician Tracy Brabin couldn't figure out why her mobile kept ringing during her interview on today's show - not realising that her contact details were on screen.

In the end the discussion, about MPs getting £10,000 to work from home, had to be called off because of the disruption, with Eamonn saying it was consituents and members of staff trying to get in touch.

But one viewer pointed out: "Her signal isn’t bad, instead, her number was leaked live on TV and everyone is trying to call her."

And at the close of This Morning, Eamonn Holmes issued a long apology to the MP for the balls-up, which happened in a group discussion involving Judge Rinder.

Without directly referencing that the FaceTime call had incuded her phone number, the 60-year-old star said: "Some of you will have noticed a technical error during that transmission.

"We wanted to say sincere regret and we're very sorry to Tracey for any stress or trouble that may have caused."

However, viewers bombarded social media with else but than jokes, with one posting: "Tracy Brabin can use some of her £10k to change her phone number."

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