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This Morning fans shocked as Eamonn Holmes reveals we’ve all been pronouncing Primark wrong

THIS Morning viewers were left stunned as Eamonn Holmes announced that we have been pronouncing Primark wrong for years.

The 61-year-old presenter made the shock revelation on today's show, where he confirmed the "correct" pronunciation of the popular high street store.

Appearing alongside his wife Ruth Langsford, the two were discussing Primark's new extended opening hours since coming out of lockdown.

The married pair were joined by Gyles Brandreth and Nick Ferrari.

Following the debate, Eamonn announced: "Could I just make and apology to all the viewers in Ireland watching this morning, for the mispronunciation of Primark, there. You have to be Irish to know."

Ruth added: "This is from a former manager!"

Eamonn replied: "Trainee manager. The rest of the UK you call it Primark, we say Pree-mark, that's it, just saying!"

Ruth stated: "We say swede, you say turnip."

He concluded: "I don't understand why the rest of you can't get things right, but anyway!"

Fans took to Twitter to comment on the moment, with many agreeing with the much-loved host.

One said: "Its only the English that say PRImark @EamonnHolmes in Scotland we say PREEmark and I'm sure Wales do too. The English always try to be posh."

A second added: "I worked in Swansea Primark in the late 90s, we always pronounced it the same way as Eamonn #ThisMorning."

A third commented: "Now @EamonnHolmes has done it! He's started a PREEmark-PRImark debate."

While others completely disagreed, saying: "Pree-mark? Nah, mate, it's PRImark! #ThisMorning."

Another tweeted: "It's PRImark! FRIday, or PRIse your hands off of my bargain xmas jumper. It's Not Preemark! #ThisMorning."

The lively debate didn't go unnoticed by the high street store, who later confirmed you can say it both ways.

They announced: "The Officially we are called Pr-eye-mark, Lorraine, however we fully support every pronunciation of our name you can dream of!"

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