In the past year, we've all had a lot more rules to follow and many more conversations about what it and is not legal with guidelines and laws coming into sharp focus as part of our daily lives during the pandemic.

There have always been grey areas in life and some of those grey areas are ones that a lot of people think should become a lot more black and white.

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Hull Live posed the question of what is legal now but shouldn't be to our readers and you raised topics as diverse as roads, disability rights, criminal law and of course, coronavirus.

Hull Live asked the readers: "Name something that's perfectly legal that shouldn't be."

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This is what you had to say:

Inspector Martin Hopper wants people to feel safe in their hometown and says the force are focused on building trust and confidence
Hull Live readers told us what they think should be illegal and the answers were diverse

Covid-19 was at the forefront of some people's minds, Jordanna Taylor said: "I think they should enforce the masks a [little bit] more.

"Have to wear one in an enclosed public space where you're walking past people or stood relatively close.

"And [people] should have to see a Doctor to be told they don't need to wear one and have a card or something that shows they're exempt.

"Too many [people] who don't wear masks and say they're 'exempt' when they're just [trying to] get out of wearing one.

"Main reason why they've had to push back the date to re-open everything. Places should be more strict on wearing masks and such. It shouldn't be an option [in my opinion]."

Drink driving was another issue that many people raised, Angie Smith said: "Being able to drink and drive, I think the limit should be zero then no one would have another one and risk theirs or others' [lives]."

Kirsty Chapman said: "Having a drink driving limit! Every one's body tolerates alcohol differently so there should be a law for No alcohol whatsoever when driving!"

Justin Irvine went one step further, he said: "Alcohol. One fifth of more people died of alcohol misuse in 2020 than in 2019,official figures show, with the total number of deaths relating to alcohol reaching 7,423, but that's a good taxable drug nonetheless."

Many people turned their attention to age limits, Carol Jones said: "Drivers under the age of 21. Plenty of ability but no common sense."

Kieran Macklin said: "Under 18s working for less pay even [though] they do the same job."

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Other people had something to say about the criminal justice system, Christopher Southall said: "Life sentences for murder but released after serving just a few years."

Sophie Forrester said: "Judges giving child abusers/sex offenders small sentences. They should be punished themselves.

"How can they go home and sleep after they have given a convicted child rapist 3-4 years!? That child is scarred for life, it can have severe impact on adult life! So technically it’s life for life, and I mean life no early releases."

Chris Oates said: "I think that when somebody is accused of a serious crime they should have their name protected from the media until there is a verdict but if they are found guilty by all means name and shame them.

"But if not guilty their name should be protected from all forms of media and journalism and these people should be in trouble if they contradict this rule.

"The accuser is allowed to keep their privacy but the alleged suspect has their name all over the papers and media, how can that be right? If the accused name is cleared they should be able to walk free and they should not have to pay any settlements or anything."

Queuing traffic in Kingston Road after a two-vehicle collision
The city's roads were also high on the agenda

Lynsey Hardy said: "People judging and discriminating against young people with disabilities. It’s not just the older generation that have disabilities but us too.

"I’m 39 and have numerous deformations of the spine, and need to use a walking aid to get out because I can’t walk far without being in pain, my leg numbing and just struggling to walk.

"I have increasingly been verbally abused by people on public transport and the odd occasion whilst out because of me and my walking aid. #disabledlivesmatter."

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Unsurprisingly the region's roads were a concern for many, Joey Bainton said: "Riding a bike on the road when there is a perfectly good cycle path next to them" while Laura Spencer said "Cyclists riding on the road with no insurance!"

Paul Jackson said: "Crossing the road 10 feet from a zebra crossing expecting you to stop" while Kevin Flynn said "Non use of indicators and parking close to junctions. Actually not sure about the last one, but if illegal, there is no enforcement!"