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Theresa May urges remain-backing Tory voters to get behind Mike Freer to ‘move on’ from Brexit

Former Prime Minister Theresa May with activists in Golders Green 21.11.19. Picture: Polly Hancock

Former Prime Minister Theresa May has said remain-backing Conservative voters should back Mike Freer so they can "move on" from Brexit.

Mrs May was urging people to back the incumbent Mr Freer in Finchley and Golders Green in what is emerging to be a tight contest. He is defending a 1,652 majority. She met voters in Golders Green Road during a walkabout and bought some kosher salt.

The Maidenhead MP said remain-backing Tories should support the party in the general election despite its pledge to take the UK out of the European Union on January 31.

She said: "The wider reason is that actually I voted remain, but we had a vote and we said we would abide by that result. It's important for democracy and trust in politicians that we do that.

"I'd say to all Conservative voters and others that what the country needs is to move on. Let's get this done, get Brexit sorted and move on to the better future that I know we can have."

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She conceded her frustration at the election being held as the UK would have left the EU if MPs, including current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, had voted to back her deal.

"You've stated the obvious," she said. "If sufficient members of parliament had voted for my deal we would be outside the European Union. But in parliament I found a Labour Party that was unwilling to take a proper decision over this issue. You saw it in the debates, unwilling to say where the Labour Party really stands on this issue."

"We have had over three years since the referendum. Most people want to be able to move on [...] and start focusing on the things that really matter to people like education, NHS and crime."

She backed Mr Freer as a "man of huge integrity" who speaks up for constituents.

"I see him standing up and raising issues that matter to people here in this constituency," she said. "He has been a fantastically strong voice for the Jewish community over the years that he has been in parliament. They have an MP in Mike they can trust, and trust to take up their issues and work hard for them."

In the interview with the Ham&High, along with the Jewish Chronicle and Hamodia, she also said there was a "real concern" with the Labour Party's attitude to antisemitism.

She said: "One thing we can't risk is Jeremy Corbyn getting into Downing Street. I think there are many good reasons why he should not be in Downing Street, not only because he will destroy the economy, but he has presided over a Labour Party where antisemitism has run rife. The only vote that will stop him being in Downing Street is a vote for the Conservatives."

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