Great Britain

There is nothing like a fresh fall of snow to reset a busy brain


here is a lot to be gloomy about at the moment, which makes it more important than ever to appreciate the small things. And what could be more uplifting than opening the curtains and seeing, as much of the UK did over the weekend, a fresh carpet of snow, twinkling defiantly and softening the hard edges of the outside world?

Coated in snow, even the most mundane objects – a bus shelter, a park bench – acquire a prettiness so delicate you hardly dare intrude. Discovering the world transformed like this, however briefly, feels particularly poignant when our lives have been reduced to monotony and routine by lockdown. It is immensely invigorating to see and feel something different. The next few months are likely to be the toughest yet but this fall of snow might just be the tonic we needed – a moment of joy to see us through.  

It certainly seems to have brought the best out of nation, otherwise fed up and uncertain about the future. The hashtag “Narnia” was trending on Twitter on Sunday morning, as people posted photographs of wintry parks and lopsided snowmen, which makes a change from the fractious discourse we have become accustomed to. Everything really did feel just that bit better.  

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