Many people have been daunted by the prospect of trying to correctly pronounce some Welsh place names.

While some may appear pretty straightforward, the subtleties of pronunciation of certain letters are the key to saying them correctly.

Many town, village and city names are steeped in our Welsh history and culture, and are filled with important symbolism.

Here's a guide on how to pronounce place names that a lot of people pronounce differently.


The home of I'm a Celebrity for the second year running!

'Gele' is an old term for spear, and is said to describe the quick movement of the river - River Gele.

The Conwy town should be pronounced as 'aber-gel-eh', rather than 'aber-gel-ee'.

Abergele the home of Gwrych Castle and I'm a Celebrity for the second year in a row.
Abergele the home of Gwrych Castle and I'm a Celebrity for the second year in a row.


The Llyn village is pronounced as 'aber-soch', with the latter part sounding similar to the Scottish 'loch'.


Some may call it 'Irwin' but it's actually pronounced as 'heer-wine'.

Hirwaun means Long Heath or Meadow, but there are fears such meanings could be lost


'Am-look' or 'aml-wich' will not get you a look-in in this Anglesey town, but 'Am-loo-ch' will.


In Welsh, 'beddau' means 'graves' and the spelling would suggest it's pronounced as 'beth-aye' with a soft 'th' (like 'dd'). But even for those who live there, it's more commonly pronounced as 'Bather'.


It is pronounced by many Cardiffians as Lan-dedin, with the latter part like the Scottish capital Edinburgh (which also has Welsh connections to its name). Alternatively, the name would suggest it is pronounced 'llan-e-dayrn'.


The mountain pass in Eryri is not called 'pen ee pass', it's pronounced 'pen-yh-pass'. Same goes for Pen-y-Fan.

A cyclist reaches the top of Pen y Pass close to Wyddfa.


Betsy Co-ed could be someone's name, but Betws-Y-Coed, on the other hand, is a Conwy village whose name means 'prayer house in the wood' and is pronounced as 'bet-oos-uh-coyd'.


Rhyd-Ddu is a beautiful small village located in the shadows of Wyddfa and is pronounced as 'rheed-thee' not 'rudie-doo' as some people mispronounce it!

The best way to say the latter part of the word - 'ddu', which means black in Welsh, is to softly pronounce the 'th' and then curl your tongue to the shape of a 'u'.

Lon Gwyrfai - a path from Rhyd Ddu to Beddgelert.


The Gwynedd town, where former Prime Minister Theresa May occasionally visited, is pronounced as 'dol-gell-aih' or if you are a native it's 'dol-gell-eh'.

If you struggle with the double 'L' sound, put your tongue in the position to say 'L', the air from your mouth should be hissing on both sides of your tongue and passing through your teeth.


The spelling of Creigiau suggests it should be pronounced as 'cray-gyaee', not 'craig-uh'.

The village of Creigiau in north-west of Cardiff.


It's pronounced as 'ben-llech' not 'ben-leck'.

Traeth Benllech in Benllech on Anglesey.


This suburb of Newport is often pronounced as 'baze-leg' but in Welsh it would be 'bass-aleg'.


"We will shortly be arriving at 'lan-vuh-veckun'."

Unfortunately, with that mispronunciation, you won't. It's 'llan-vaeer-vech-ahn'.


Ah, the classic mispronunciation: Klan-dud-no! It's Llan-did-no.

The big wheel attraction on Llandudno Pier.


Some may say it's 'trose', which would rhyme with 'close', but the actual spelling indicates it's pronounced as 'tre-oys', and it translates to 'old town'.


Not 'harluck' or 'harleck', it's Harlech.


Aber Darren might be a nice guy, but 'aber-dah-ron' is a great place.

St Hywyn church in the small Pen Llyn village of Aberdaron.


Not 'port-maduck' or 'port-maddock', but 'porth-madog'.


'Clung-wirral' sounds like an awful place. Llwyngwril or 'llooin-goo-ril' near Barmouth, on the other hand, is lovely.


Commonly pronounced as 'pen-code' but the pronunciation according to the spelling is 'pen-coid'.


No, it's not jelly four.


It's 'Pen-y-ffordd' (pen-yh-fforth), not Penny Ford.

Moel Famau the highest hill in the Clwydian Range and the highest point of the county of Flintshire in Wales.

Moel Famau

Often mispronounced as 'mol famoo', it's 'moyl vamai'.

Dinas Dinlle

Apparently, a few call it Dingle Dingle! It's 'din-as din-lle'.


Some pronounce it as 'come i glow'. The Gwynedd village's name is pronounced as 'kwm-yh-glo'.

Cwm y Glo village in Gwynedd.


You may think it's pronounced like 'rose', but you'd be wrong. Rhos has a light 'r' and a harsh 's' in the name. It means moorland or moor.


Clanky Naval is not even close. The Denbighshire village of Llangynhafal is pronounced as 'llan-gin-ha-val'.

Rhyd y Foel

Not 'ruddy foil' or even 'rudi voller', it's 'rhid-yh-voel'.