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The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton hints King Ezekiel is running out of time after cancer diagnosis in season 10

THE Walking Dead's Khary Payton has hinted King Ezekiel is running out of time after his cancer diagnosis in season 10.

The character revealed the news earlier in the season, and the delayed finale will see him heading to meet a mysterious new community with Princess, Eugene, Yumiko.

During a virtual Comic-Con chat, he said: "There are definitely aspects of his life that he wants to leave behind.

"He's got failed relationships, he's got memories of loved ones that have come and gone, he's built a community and seen it all get kind of toppled.

"I think he is looking for a fresh start, and he's also a guy who's got a clock on him. He's got that tick tock in his brain that says he's not long for this world."

He added: "In a world where nobody ever seems to have much time, he feels like he's got even less because he's dealing with this cancer."

Meanwhile, show runner Angela Kang previously admitted that taking on chronic illness in the zombie apocalypse was an area she had been keen to explore for a while.

She explained how bittersweet it was for someone to fall prey to an illness that was once easily treatable in the days before the fall of civilisation.

She told Entertainment Weekly: “We had a lot of conversations about what are some things that we wanted to explore further with Ezekiel, because he’s been through so much and he’s such a strong character.

“We had been talking for a while in our room about the reality of the world is that people get terminal and chronic illnesses.

"We live in a wondrous time, and yet cancer is always scary, but there are cancers that are much more treatable than others, particularly the one that he has, being one of those.

“We wanted to explore what it means for a character to get that kind of a diagnosis in this world, and especially with a character who is so joyful and such a strong leader, and so optimistic, and to have to grapple with something like that.”

The Walking Dead season 10 finale airs on Sunday, October 4 at 9pm on AMC in the US and Monday, October 5 on FOX in the UK. You can also catch up on the show via NOW TV.

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