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The Walking Dead’s Beth Greene star teases return from beyond the grave as Maggie makes epic comeback

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THE Walking Dead’s Beth Greene actress has teased a return from beyond the grave as Maggie makes an epic comeback.

Maggie - played by Lauren Cohan - is set to return to the AMC zombie drama in its delayed season 10 finale.

And now Emily Kinney, who played her half-sister Beth, has revealed she would be up for a shock return herself - despite Beth being shot in the head in season five.

She said during an appearance on Lets Stay Together: "I mean, I did get shot in the head.

"But I mean, I loved the show, I loved working on it. It makes me so happy to be a part of it, I'm very proud of being a part of that show.

"So it's not out of [the question] … if there was some way, sure."

Beth would need some kind of miracle to be resurrected back onto the show considering her tragic death in season five.

Beth had been held captive by Dawn at the Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta but when she was finally rescued by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Dawn wouldn't let her new friend and fellow captive Noah come with her.

This tipped Beth over the edge and she stabbed Dawn in the chest with a pair of scissors, which caused her to shoot Beth in the head.

A distraught Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) then carried Beth out of the hospital to find a devastated Maggie outside.

Meanwhile Lauren recently hinted Maggie could still want to kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) after he killed her husband Glenn.

Speaking about their unfinished business, she told AMC in a recent interview: "Just like in life, it might be one of those things she doesn’t know until she faces it.

"She definitely decided not to kill him on that day when Michonne discouraged her. She did go that way.

“Forgiveness is liberating. I suppose we’ll get to see to what degree she has decided to liberate herself.”

The Walking Dead teases Maggie Rhee's return in a new trailer for the season 10 finale

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