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The Walking Dead fans think mystery masked figure is returning season one character

THE Walking Dead fans think the mystery masked figure in the season 10 finale trailer is a returning series one character.

The hit AMC show came a premature end last Sunday with the penultimate episode of season 10.

The final episode of the series has been delayed indefinitely in post-production because of the coronavirus pandemic, but fans were treated to an exciting trailer hinting at what's to come.

At one point, a number of characters including Aaron and Alden cross paths with a mystery masked figure brandishing a pair of kama weapons.

Fans immediately seized on who it could be, with a number suggesting it is Duane Jones (Adrian Kali Turner), who was last seen in one of the earliest episodes of The Walking Dead.

Duane lived with his father Morgan (Lennie James), and they sheltered Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the first days of the zombie outbreak.

However, Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) crossed paths with Morgan again in season three, by which time he had gone mad following the off-screen death of Duane.

Morgan revealed Duane had died after trying unsuccessfully to kill his zombified mother Jenny, who bit her son and turned him too.

Despite his description of what happened to Duane, some fans think his madness by this stage coupled with an off-screen death keeps the door open for a shock return by Duane as the masked mystery figure a decade on.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "How epic would it be if the masked character with the picaxes (or whatever they are) was Duane Jones, son of Morgan Jones. Maybe he never died and 10 years later he's back and a bada**."

Another tweeted: "Okay hear me out, that person w the mask & weapon saving Alden/Aaron. Morgan went crazy when his wife/son were killed. We never saw Duane actually die, what if Morgan never saw him get killed? That would be incredible."

A third agreed, writing: "I saw a theory about this being Duane. I don't think it is...but how crazy would that be if it was?!"

For the fan theory to be an option, Duane would have had to have survived the incident described by his father to Rick, and then travel from Georgia to Virginia to reconnect with Rick and the rest of the survivors.

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