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The View’s Joy Behar DEFENDS Jeffrey Toobin after masturbation scandal – but blasts ‘manipulative’ CNN men

THE View's Joy Behar defended Jeffrey Toobin after his masturbation scandal but blasted CNN as "manipulative" after the writer's comeback interview.

Behar slammed CNN for making a female employee interview Toobin, who was fired from the New Yorker after he was seen allegedly masturbating on a group Zoom call last year.

Toobin, 60, was grilled about the incident by CNN's Alisyn Camerota last week.

Commenting on that interview, Behar said that she doesn't believe Toobin is a "bad person" because he was caught in the act, a mishap Toobin claims was a complete accident.

"[Toobin] said that he wants to be a better person," Behar said during Monday's episode of The View.

"He's working at a food bank. I don't see the correlation between needing to engage Mr Happy and being a bad person.

"I mean, maybe it causes blindness," the co-host went on, "but I don't see how it causes you to be a bad person."

Behar said that she buys Toobin's story that he was not aware that his camera was on and he was on Zoom when he began touching himself in the October 2020 meeting.

"He didn't know the thing was running, of course, so we forgive him that," Behar said.

"I'm not judging the guy," she went on. "I mean, it shows how boring these Zoom meetings are, that he couldn't even wait between meetings to get ... involved with himself."

The co-host then went on the slam CNN's decision to have Camerota interview Toobin last week when the outlet has so many males on staff that could have taken the interview.

"With all the men on CNN’s payroll, they had to give it to poor Alisyn Camerota," she said.

"She didn’t deserve that. It was embarrassing and uncomfortable, and manipulative, I thought."

Toobin was swiftly fired from The New Yorker after the incident last year, but reappeared last week to discuss it on CNN.

The TV host asked Toobin - who had previously been a regular contributor - "what the hell were you thinking" during the bombshell interview, in which he hinted that his sacking from the newspaper was excessive.

"Well, obviously, I wasn't thinking very well or very much, and it was something that was inexplicable to me," he said.

"I think one point - I wouldn't exactly say in my defense, because nothing is really in my defense. I didn't think I was on the call. I didn't think other people could see me."

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