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The tricks Meghan Markle uses to make everyone likes her in a room, according to etiquette expert

MEGHAN Markle is skilled at dazzling a room, and does a number of tricks to have the likeability factor, according to an etiquette expert. 

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, is “excellent at making a good impression” says Myka Meier, but there’s a “science behind the Markle charm”. 

Myka, who was trained by a former member of the Queen’s household, told Fabulous: “As a patron for many charities and the guest of honor of many events, Meghan is constantly meeting and speaking with people and groups, and must be able to be relatable to all.  

“Meghan is excellent at making a great first impression and there are some techniques that we often spot her using that you can use at your next party too. 

“From her posture to her facial movements, there is a science behind the Markle charm...and anyone can learn it!”

Here, Beautmont Etiquette's Myka reveals Meghan’s top tricks that can make anyone in a room like you…

Look approachable and leave your hands free

Myka explained: “Even down to which hand to hold your handbag into when you walk into a room, every little detail is planned ahead. 

“To be most approachable, hold your bag in your left hand so that you can meet and greet with your right hand. 

“We have seen Meghan Markle walking into a room or party many times using this technique, so she doesn’t have to switch hands with her bag from her right to her left before she shakes hands. 

“When you enter a room and after you are introduced to everyone, hold a drink. It makes you appear more social and approachable at a party!” 

Facial awareness 

Myka, who did a YouTube video on 10 ways to make people like you, said that when you first walk into a room, all eyes are on you, and this is certainly true of the royal family. 

She said: “We often see on video when Meghan walks into a room to greet others, she follows the formula: Eyes open and mouth open. 

“While doing this when entering a room, it shows likability, openness and receptiveness, and often captures on camera well for stills photographs too.”  

Using someone’s name

Although she meets hundreds of people through charity events, Meghan manages to make those around her feel important, according to Myka. 

And one way to do this is to use a technique where you use their name. 

Myka said: “When you first meet someone, they feel important if you not only remember, but use their name in a sentence.”

Mirroring body language

Myka explained that if someone leans back or forward when speaking to you, then replicating that makes the other person feel comfortable. 

She said: “We often see Meghan mirroring body language when meeting and greeting others for the first time.”


The etiquette expert said the way you carry yourself is important, and shoulders always be rolled back and chin parallel to the floor, no matter if you are standing or sitting. 

She said: “Crossing legs in a certain way still allows you to have good posture.

"Often we see Meghan’s go-to sitting position being the Sussex Slant, a term I coined to teach how to get this perfectly poised position while socialising. 

“No matter if she is sitting or standing, we see Meghan practicing stellar posture.” 

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