Oui! Oui! Oui! The quarantine for France is dropped.

Si! Si! Si! Spain has avoided going on the Government’s traffic light red list.

The news that millions of British holidaymakers and the battered UK travel industry have been desperate for has arrived from the Department of Transport…

Yes, that light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is not an onrushing Covid variant express train - it’s the first rays of an August sunshine holiday by the beaches of the Med and beyond!

Spain is our favourite overseas holiday destination and France is right up there too. So, like our brilliant vaccination programme, this is a hugely welcome double shot in the arm.

Beautiful Nice on the French Cote d'Azur (


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It just gets better with the likes of Norway, Austria and Germany (if you've not been, I highly recommend it) going green and the UAE’s popular desert hotspots Dubai and Abu Dhabi moving from red to amber.

For those Britons with family to visit in India, or just planning a holiday, it’s great to see it on amber also.

So, summer is saved? Yes, it really does look like it is, and it’s hard to overstate the importance.

While we are all desperate for a sunshine break after the seemingly endless months of Covid misery, this is hopefully the pivotal moment that also secures hundreds of thousands of UK travel industry jobs and allows tour operators and airlines to plan with confidence for the rest of the peak summer season and beyond.

Confidence is the key word here. On Monday Boris Johnson promised the updated traffic light system would be “simple” and “user-friendly” and, credit where credit is due, he and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps for once delivered.

This welcome clarity, after Monday’s crazy amber watchlist U-turns from the Government, will give the travelling public some confidence and certainty for almost the rest of August at least and spark a last-minute stampede for the plages and the costas.

Spain will stay on the amber list (


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Demand for French campsites and Spanish hotel sunloungers - plus of course those ferries and flights - is going to be high but there is still some capacity.

Why not ask an expert high street travel agent today to find you a good deal? Probably get a nice cuppa and a biscuit too.

Bon voyage! ¡Buen viaje!