The top stories from the Manchester Evening News today include passengers being evacuated from Manchester Airport after a 'suspicious' package was found, the 'unsafe' glitches and faults plaguing Greater Manchester's M62 and the shocking state of a £122 per week retirement home.

In case you missed them, we've put together some teasers below and links to full articles.

There's more, but here are some of the best read stories from Greater Manchester today - October 16.

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Manchester Airport evacuated after 'suspicious package' found

Passengers and staff were evacuated from Manchester Airport's Terminal 2 after reports a suspicious package was found.

The drama began at around 3.20pm.

Police blocked off all approaches to the terminal as people were evacuated.

The nature of the suspect package has not yet been revealed.

Terminals 1 and 3 - which are at the other side of the airport complex - have continued to operate as normal.

The M.E.N understands the evacuation was prompted by a 'trigger' as someone went through security.

A security scanner is believed to have picked up a suspicious package.

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Woman pays £36k rent upfront for house in Alderley Edge only to decide area is 'too Tory'

Britt spent £36,000 upfront on 12 months' rent

A woman paid £36k in rent upfront for a house in Alderley Edge only to decide the area is "too Tory."

TikTok user Britt took to the app to reveal it had been a "learning curve" when she paid for a year's rent in advance on a house in the most expensive part of Cheshire.

"Where were you staying please??? The Shard?? For £3k a month???" one TikTok user questioned, while another added: "What kind of a place was £3k a month rent?!!"

In fact, the 20-year-old didn't even end up staying in the home, as she found the area "too Tory," the Mirror reports.

Alderley Edge, which falls inside Cheshire's Golden Triangle, is known for it's multi-million pound properties, trendy cafes and designer shops and is popular with local celebs and footballers.

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Pub shames 'pathetic' customers for refusing to pay for food

A celebrated pub near Manchester has spoken out against a group of customers who refused to pay for a meal they'd already eaten.

The Pack Horse, which is in the Peak District village of Hayfield, was visited by a group who didn't flag any problems with their food when staff checked in with them, but chose to complain when they'd already eaten most of the meal, staff said.

They allegedly tried to demand a new dish - which was refused - and eventually left without paying their bill.

Owner and chef Luke Payne said that one member of the group then had the nerve to wink at him as they left.

The pub takes card details at the time of booking in case of no-shows or walk-outs, but the group said they would cancel their cards, leaving The Pack Horse out of pocket.

Speaking to the M.E.N, Luke said that the situation was 'immensely frustrating' for him and his staff.

He said: "They were perfectly pleasant to begin with and then everything just changed.

"After they'd eaten about 70 per cent of the food, a lady brought her plate up to the bar and said it wasn't to her liking, wasn't what she expected, and could she swap to another meal for free?

"To which I said 'No', because she'd eaten most of it and we can't give food away for free when it's just personal preference. That's not really how it works."

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How do you fix a problem like Greater Manchester Police?

England’s second largest police force is on a rollercoaster. GMP’s failures have become familiar headlines in recent weeks, months and years as they have gradually emerged into the daylight.

Amid that turmoil, the force now has a new Chief Constable and an improvement plan that has the support of both the Home Secretary and a mayor hoping to draw a political line under what went before. Much has been said publicly about the will and need to turn a corner, even if that was disrupted by the inspectorate returning last month and warning that continued failures were now putting the public at risk.

So while the national spotlight has been on the Met of late, in Greater Manchester a force sometimes described as ‘the Met of the North’ - not in a good way - is still living out its own crisis.

In part one of our investigation, the M.E.N. looked at what had gone wrong with the force's culture.

For part two, the M.E.N. has spoken to victims, serving and former staff, politicians and those in other Greater Manchester agencies to try and map the force’s practical route out of a dark period.

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The 'unsafe' glitches and faults plaguing Greater Manchester's M62

Highways bosses have admitted a string of faults and glitches on the M62 which whistleblowers within the organisation claim could be dangerous to drivers.

Many of the issues revolve around technical or manufacturing faults, but it’s claimed staffing issues and technology lapses are also leading to delays in the the control room reacting to break-downs - with some cars left stranded in live lanes ‘for over a hour’, according to a Highways insider.

One highways insider told the Manchester Evening News : "Road traffic officers are fearing for their own safety, as well as that of all other road users, meanwhile the official reports are deeming Smart motorways amongst the safest of them all.

"The situation is dire. Traffic officers are requesting signals for lane closures, speed restrictions or warning legends and too often the reply from the control centre is that the signal prior is faulty.

"It’s becoming a not very funny standing joke. This is happening regularly. Some signals have been faulty for months on end.

"There are so many broken signals traffic officers are now having to perform rolling road blocks in order for recovery services to safely leave the emergency bays."

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The shocking state of a £122 per week retirement home

Damage in the reception area of St Margaret’s Gardens in Oldham
Damage in the reception area of St Margaret’s Gardens in Oldham

The housing association responsible for a 'disgusting' retirement home in OIdham has apologised to its residents for 'falling below the standards they deserve'.

Riverside charges residents £122 per week to live in St Margaret’s Gardens, in Hollinwood.

Those living in the accommodation are aged over 55 and are often vulnerable.

Despite this, the building has been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair with cracked plaster on the walls, exposed wires, holes in the roof, leaks and reports of flooding.

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Julie Baker has lived in the accommodation for 10 years, apart from a short break when she moved in with family.

Following a recent leak, a bin full of water has been left outside her flat.

During a visit to the home last Friday (October 15) Julie told the Manchester Evening News : "The outside of my flat is disgusting and they've told me they want to come in and dig the kitchen floor up, while I'm still in there, because they say there's a pipe underneath that's cracked.

"Plaster's falling off the walls, there's rats at the back."

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The beauty spot that's become a haven for anti-vaxxers

Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge has long been a popular spot for Greater Manchester residents looking for a day out.

Just a 20 minute drive for many living in Rochdale and not much further from Oldham, the beautiful little market town boasts great views and a relaxed atmosphere.

But, recently the area has been embroiled in a divisive argument about the Covid vaccination.

Earlier this month, Hebden Bridge was the centre for another anti-jab protest, YorkshireLive reports.

Local councillor, Josh Fenton-Glynn, says he witnessed a protester tell a woman coronavirus was not responsible for her mother's death.

Coun Fenton-Glynn said he was 'appalled' by the protestor's behaviour which demonstrated how toxic the debate has become for the town.

Anti-vaccine demonstrations in the area have been met with a mix of anger, derision and some support.

But Hebden Bridge prides itself on doing things differently.

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