More than 200 people have flooded in to see the inspiring exhibition "The Spirit of Christmas” in Stricklandgate Methodist Church, Kendal.

Visitors were able to admire more than 50 nativity scenes, cribs of all sizes from countries as far away as Nigeria and Peru.

The event focused on the true heart of the Christmas message, which the church feels is slowly being lost beneath the pressure of our secular celebrations today said Kendal minister Patricia Rogers.

The cribs were set out around Christmas Trees in the church, with verses from well known carols telling the story of Christmas and its message of a Messiah bringing peace and goodwill to all people.

The Kendal minister was delighted at the success of the event: “Many of us have nativity figures in our homes, which mean a great deal to us at this time of year and it was really amazing to see so many in one place.

"I was delighted that so many people took time out of the rush and bustle to come in and share once more in the wonderful message that these nativity scenes tell across the cultures.

"I thank everyone involved for the work they put in, I think it really was the start of the Christmas season for many of us.”