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The secret language used by cheaters to hide affairs – including ‘tinmanning’ and ‘silver spoons’

MISTAKENLY straying from your partner during a night out is bad enough - but some people are a little more calculated when they stray.

Regular cheaters are using a secret language in messages to hide evidence of an affair from their other halves, using code words like "tinmanning" and "silver spoons".

According to controversial dating site Ashley Madison, which helps people who are married or in a relationship hook-up with others, there are a number of common terms used to help those intent on infidelity.

Cheaters who don't want to fall emotionally for the person they're having an affair with will be "tinmanning" themselves against feelings.

Those who end up marrying the other person involved in their illicit rendezvous are said to be "stealing home".

Then there's NSFS - standing for Not Suitable for Spouse - which is used in relation to messages or pictures not be seen by an unaware partner.

A successful affair is an undiscovered affair, and discretion is our top priority.

Isabella Misedirector of communications at ashley madison

Jewellery given to an affair partner is "fling bling" while "silver spoon" indicates those involved in the illicit encounter are senior citizens.

A "straycation" is a holiday taken with the person you're cheating with, and being "zippered" is where someone develops a connection with that person beyond sex.

Isabella Mise, director of communications at Ashley Madison, says using a secret language means it's "a little easier" to be unfaithful.

She added: "A successful affair is an undiscovered affair, and discretion is our top priority.

Men’s top ten cheating alibis:

  1. Watching football
  2. Playing golf
  3. Working late in the office
  4. Socialising after work
  5. Boys night out
  6. Walking the dog
  7. Going to the gym
  8. Playing sport
  9. Meeting best friend
  10. Seeing relatives

"We've learned the ways in which our members carry out their affairs to keep them a secret, and we decided to give them one more [method] - a language."

It comes after it was revealed that cheating men and women frequently use a series of pretty flimsy alibis when they're off for some forbidden sex.

According to Illicit Encounters - which is aimed at people who want to have affairs - the top excuse used by men is they're "off to watch the footie".

Similarly, women are most likely to say that they're "going to the gym".

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