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The Queen reportedly worried Prince Charles was a ‘slow developer’ while growing up


HE MAY be the future King but apparently the Queen had concerns about Prince Charles’ abilities while growing up.

Her Majesty had once referred to her eldest as a “slow developer” when he was a younger, the New Yorker reports.

And it wasn’t just his mum who had been worried about Charles, with his dad Prince Philip apparently also critical of his son.

The Duke of Edinburgh referred to the Prince of Wales as “weedy, effete and spoilt” the US publication claims.

Charles began his education at home, being schooled by his governess Catherine Peebles.

However, when he turned eight, it was announced that Charles would attend school.

He first went to Hill House School in London, then to Cheam School – the oldest school in the country.

Charles is said to have been forced to attend Gordonstoun boarding school, in the 1960s, by his father, Prince Philip – who had also studied there.

Charles did not feel a good fit at Gordonstoun and later labelled it as “a prison sentence”, calling the school “Colditz in kilts”.

Despite the Queen’s initial worries, Prince Charles eventually went on to study anthropology, archaeology and history at Trinity College in Cambridge, earning himself a 2:2 BA hons degree.

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