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The Queen, 95, gives up booze ahead of her Platinum Jubilee next year


THE Queen has given up the booze — ditching the gin cocktail she is said to have enjoyed every evening.

The 95-year-old decided to stop drinking alcohol ahead of her Platinum Jubilee next year, royal sources confirmed yesterday.

Her husband, Prince Philip, was reported to have mixed her a gin and martini each evening.

The Queen was also a big fan of a zaza cocktail – otherwise known as a gin and Dubonnet.

But she will now drink just sparkling water or tomato juice, with a royal source saying: “It was a personal decision.”

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said: “She has never been a heavy drinker as she just had the odd cocktail. She is a creature of habit but I don’t think she will miss it. It is a sensible decision.”

Her sister, Princess Margaret, was known as a heavy drinker before her death aged 71, as was the Queen Mother who lived to 101.

Philip was never a big boozer although he enjoyed a pint of pale ale while her son, Prince Andrew, is teetotal.

The Queen would reportedly try to avoid champagne at state banquets as she did not like the taste.

Despite access to some of the world’s finest wines in the Palace cellars, she normally preferred a German Hock or a glass of Portuguese Mateus Rose.

But her favourite drink was said to be the Zaza, two parts Dubonnet to one gin, with a slice of lemon and lots of ice. Buckingham Palace did not comment.

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