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The Office’s Steve Carell admits he would return to show as fans beg for a reunion

THE Office's Steve Carell has admitted he would return to the show as fans beg for a reunion.

The American version of the Ricky Gervais sitcom ran for nine seasons from 2005 until 2013.

Fans have been desperate to see the cast reunite ever since the show ended, and in a new interview, Steve, 57, hinted he would be open to the idea.

The actor - who stars in new Netflix comedy Space Force, which he wrote alongside The Office's show boss Greg Daniels - was asked if it was more likely that he would make a cameo in a reunion of The Office or work on a third series together.

Steve replied to Entertainment Weekly: "I would work with Greg at any time. I trust him implicitly, so I’d definitely do another show.

"I would continue on this show with him. I would develop something new with him in a heartbeat.

"And I think everybody from The Office feels that way about Greg. He's such a good guy and he's so smart and he took such great pains with that show.

"And with this one, too. In terms of casting, and not just casting the right actor for the part, but with good people.

"It's something we found on The Office that we all got along, everyone was nice and ended up really caring about one another."

However Greg recently admitted a potential reboot of The Office would be "weird and difficult".

He told Digital Spy: "I think this question came up when the cast of Will & Grace reunited, but there's only four of them, and the people involved with The Office are all doing so many different things.

"So to be able to reassemble them, I think, in that kind of fashion is much more difficult.

"I think if anything, there might be some sort of new show that just had a couple of people in it.

"I don't think it would be great to redo it again with 60% of the cast or something. I think that would be a bit weird."

Space Force is available to watch on Netflix now. 

Gervais heads to the US office

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