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The nine best skipping ropes you can buy in 2021

ONCE only to be seen in the playground or the boxing gym, the skipping rope has now become one of the most essential kits for fitness fans across the board.

Thanks to the popularity of intensive workouts like HIIT and CrossFit, and powered by fitness vloggers all across social media, it’s easy to see why skipping has become such an obvious hit.

It burns calories fast, gets you fit and toned, plus you can do it home and the ropes don’t cost the earth.

There are expensive ropes out there (the Berluti Leather Jump Rope priced at £360 is undoubtedly beautiful, but it’s not really a mainstay of any ‘best of’ list). The best one for you really depends on what you need it for.

Beginners will need a basic lightweight speed rope before progressing to a weighted jump rope, to help them gain a better feel for timing while jumping at slower tempos.

Those working on improving their rhythm, coordination, increasing muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness will opt for more heavy beaded ropes.

We’ve rounded up the best skipping ropes to help you find your own rhythm and flow.

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1. WOD Nation Speed Skipping Rope

Crossfit fanatics know all about double unders, and that using the old, cracked skipping rope in the gym is never as good as one that swings itself to your own pattern.

Made by a CrossFit athlete specifically to master the double under, the WOD Nation employs ballistic plastic handles to house lightning speed metal bearings for an effortless and controlled spin.

The rope is topped off with a metal extension spindle with an eyeball-bearing tip that reacts to cable adjustments from the first double under to the hundredth and beyond.

This is most definitely not a toy. Fully adjustable to male, female and young jumpers.

2. Beast Rope Elite

Boxing ropes are designed to enhance footwork, fitness and agility, which means you need one that works with your own unique flow.

The Beast Rope Elite does as your body tells it to, rotating on fined tuned precision engineered ball bearings for the perfect level of control, speed and whip.

Fine-tuned for optimum weight, length and balance, and composed of industrial strength aluminium with BG Grip Grooves for perfect grip, this is the perfect jump for those who want to skip fast and hard.

3. EliteSRS Heavy Beaded Fitness Jump Rope

Heavily beaded ropes are best for cardiovascular fitness because they provide so much feedback, with every inch of the EliterSRS threaded with a 2-inch bead to ensure you see, hear, feel and know where every inch of your rope is during a single rotation.

Featuring unbreakable plastic polymer long handles with foam grips for slip-free hold, essential for when working up a sweat during freestyle moves like crisscrosses.

Not too thick as to step and hurt yourself, with the length resizable, the heavy beads help make it ultra-durable for outdoor use.

4. Tangram Factory Smart Rope LED Jump

Weight-loss jumpers arguably need the most motivation to stick at it, and the Tangram Factory Smart Rope is here to tell you like it is.

Paired with the Smart Gym app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, it accurately records each complete revolution of the rope as a complete jump, as well as monitoring calories burned and workout times.

The app offers interval-training recommendations and heightens the motivation factor by unlocking awards and competing with friends.

The 23 LEDs in the rope connected to magnetic sensors that allow you can see your fitness data in mid-air as you jump is a nice touch.

Two sets of ball bearings in each handle guarantee smooth, natural motion.

5. Gritin Skipping Rope

Looking for something cheap but still getting the job done? Then this skipping robe from Gritin might be the one.

The robe features an anti-slip soft memory foam handle and adjustable robe's length.

Gritin's skipping rope is made of high tensile steel wire and coated with PVC material, which makes the rope more resistant and durable.

6. Nike

This nifty black and white skipping rope is a sleek simple design with sealed ball bearings for easy rotation.

It features the classic Nike tick and looks great with any workout gear as well as being a great budget option at under £20.

7. Dope Ropes

Ideal for all levels of fitness, the Dope Rope is the ultimate in a classic skipping rope design. It has an adjustable string that can be changed to any height to a max of 10 feet.

The thin string cuts through the air quickly and is a lightweight yet high performance rope- meaning even beginners can soon get the hang of skipping.

The handles are unbreakable and are made with a low-density polyethylene designed to fit in the shape of your hand. These also come with a lifetime guarantee so if they break, you will receive a replacement set. Perfect for those that like their equipment to last.

8.  Vital Gym

Skipping is a great calorie burner and can decrease belly fat, strengthen bones and even just ten minutes a day can boost mental health.

The Pro skipping rope is an exercise fans dream. It has rubber anti-grip handles that also absorb sweat, making it a great thorough workout. As one fan raves, 'Love that you can change the height of the skipping rope, helpful and great for me and the Mrs . Great product.'

9. Gymshark

If you want a classic skipping rope that does what it says on the tin then why not try Gymshark.

With perforated rubberised handles and adjustable rope length, it will get your heart racing in no time. It has a lightweigh feel so can easily be taken to the gym or to the park. We also think the price is pretty pleasing at just £10.

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