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The Masked Singer clues leave fans convinced Seth MacFarlane, Rob Gronkowski, Dionne Warwick and more are competing

AFTER only four episodes of season three of The Masked Singer, fans are convinced they put the clues together and know who’s under the costumes.

The Fox show kicked off February 2nd and has already unveiled rapper Lil Wayne, 37, as the Robot, singing legend Chaka Khan, 66, as Miss Monster, comedian Drew Carey, 61, as the Llama and skateboard icon Tony Hawk, 51, as the elephant.

Eagle-eye viewers of the show have kept close tabs on the clue packages and are now convinced they’ve uncovered the mystery lineup.

The Kangaroo is Natalie Imbruglia

The 45-year-old singer-songwriter is from Sydney, Australia - which lines up with the furry creatures being indigenous to the land down under.

She gave birth to son Max a few months ago which fans claim ties in with the noticeable pouch on the front of her costume.

A clue that emphasized her being a “drama queen” could be a nod to her starring role on the Australian soap opera Neighbours.

After a more than five year hiatus from music, she will be releasing a new album later this year which would be well-timed with the high-profile gig.

One fan who thinks they’ve locked it down said: “Kangaroo is Natalie Imbruglia. I’d know her voice anywhere.”

Another wrote: “#TheMaskedSinger Kangaroo is Natalie Imbruglia. She was on a soap opera in the 90’s, hence the “Drama Queen” clue.

The Frog: Seth MacFarlane

Viewers think the 46-year-old creator of Family Guy is manipulating his voice to throw off both the judges and fans.

The actor and filmmaker is known for his the many character voices but is famously recognized for his impersonation of Kermit the Frog.

Family Guy aired for 18 seasons on the same network as the hit singing competition.

He was also the co-creator of several other shows for the network which include American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.

A convinced fan noted of his performance: “I am guessing that the #FrogMask is @SethMacFarlane because the purple outfit on the frog from my guess is a tribute to Frank Sinatra(his music idol) and also he has a rich personality”

“@SethMacFarlane is the #frog on #themaskedsinger,” another viewer tweeted.

The Turtle: Jesse McCartney

Viewers are adamant the 32-year-old pop star is under the reptile mask after one of the clues mentioned he felt “left behind by the pack” early on in his career.

Fans think this is a reference to the boy band Dream Street which he joined in 1999 before breaking up just four years later.

However, during their short success, they released a self-titled album that went gold and the Turtle can be seen holding up a gold medal in the video.

The clue also revealed a map that highlighted Seoul, South Korea and the former teen heartthrob is most famously known for his 2004 platinum hit Beautiful Soul.

If fans are correct, the surfboard shown in the video is a nod to the three Teen Choice Awards he won in 2005 for his break-out album.

Celebrities who score at the Fox award show go home with a life-size surfboard trophy.

“Okay the one thing I know for sure after Group B’s performances tonight is that Jesse McCartney is DEFINITELY the Turtle…” one viewer tweeted.

Someone else who cannot be confined otherwise wrote: ”Putting it into writing now that I am confident Jesse McCartney is the Turtle on The Masked Singer and I’ve known since the first time he performed.”

The White Tiger: Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski

The 30-year-old NFL star has almost unanimously been decided to be the ferocious dancer under the White Tight costume.

Clues from last week showed a trophy for clam shucking and the former Patriots tight end played for the Boston team for eight seasons.

The Boston region is widely known for it’s seafood, specifically clams.

In another part of the package, a voiceover plays from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address that says the famous line: "four score and seven years ago.”

Fans did the math and the phrase translates to the number 87, which was the number of Gronk’s jersey.

Viewers pointed out the eight bright blue stones shown are a reference to the athletes eight prestigious rings: three from the Super Bowl and five from the Pro Bowl.

“We all know @RobGronkowski is the white tiger on the masked singer. Everyone just vote him to the win for the meme. Let him beat Grammy winners lol,” a viewer said.

Another confident fan chimed in: “I’m 1,000% sure @RobGronkowski is the white tiger on #TheMaskedSinger”

The Banana: Bill Engvall

62-year-old comedic actor Bill got people talking with some of the latest clues revealed before his performance.

His 6’0” stature lines up with the length of the fruity costume when stood next to host Nick Cannon who is the same height.

Fans even think he spoiled it himself when he uttered the words “‘there’s your sign,” which is a classic line from the comedian.

It was also pointed out the overuse of cowboy hats in one of the clips that is a nod to Bill’s signature western style.

The clue package also hinted at rodeos which the self-proclaimed “cowboy” has been pictured at before.

A viewer adamantly said: “Banana is Bill Engvall. He gave himself away when he said his daughter gave him a banana and used his signature tag line ‘there’s your sign’. Comedians can’t help themselves…”

“The banana is BILL ENGVALL mark it down 100 percent #themaskedsinger,” another proclaimed.

The Kitty: Elizabeth Gillies

The 26-year old singer and actress got her big break on the Nickelodeon series Victorious which starred Ariana Grande.

In The Kitty’s first performance, she helps out Dangerous Woman by the pop star which fans think further proves is the broadway star.

The New Jersey native is currently starring on the CW reboot of the 1980s prime-time soap “Dynasty.”

Her drama-filled character Fallon Carrington has been described as “catty.”

“I know Elizabeth gillies is the kitty,” a convinced Masked Singer watched wrote.

Another fan made the point: “I know who the kitty is on @MaskedSingerFOX it Elizabeth gillies she is one of my favs and also she was on broadway in the musical “thirteen” also the song the kitty sang was “dangerous woman” which is one of Ariana grandes songs and Ariana grande played ( Cat ) in victorious”

The Mouse: Dionne Warwick

People have nearly unanimously decided the 79-year-old music legend is the voice of the precious rodent.

Many viewers are “convinced” the That’s What Friends are For singer is competing this season based off her voice alone.

There was a clip that emphasized gold numerous times and Dionne was a presenter on the 1980’s music series Solid Gold.

“If they don't know the Mouse is Dionne Warwick then something is wrong with them #DionneWarwick #MaskedSinger,” a watcher wrote of the judges “wrong” predictions.

Another fan added: “Well for my who does not like this show. She just got the mouse! Its Dionne Warwick. She deserves all the love!!!”

Singer Robin Thicke, 42, author Jenny McCarthy, 47, Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzinger, 41, and actor Ken Jeong, 50, all returned to the judging panel for the third year in a row.

The remainder of Group B will perform this week and after a scheduled brief hiatus early next month.

“Super Nine” - which is the top three from groups A, B and C - will come together to battle it out for the top spot starting in April.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday’s on Fox at 8pm EST.

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