A veteran from Hull will be running 169 miles to Dovercourt, where his ex-colleague committed suicide, to raise awareness for mental health issues faced by people in the military.

Michael Wrightson, 34, from Kingswood, Hull, was distraught when his friend, John Dick's remains were found in Dovercourt two weeks ago, ten months after he went missing.

Mr Wrightson said: "Dovercourt is the last place my good friend and Former Royal marine was seen alive. If he had called or texted I would have been there, no questions.

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"I keep asking myself why didn't he ring me or somebody else when he was struggling.

"I am not saying by running 169 miles, everyone is going to jump up and say 'I need help' but my point is that if I can run to the spot my friend right, I can get anywhere they need me to.

Michael Wrightson, Gary Burns and John Dick (Left to right)
Michael Wrightson, Gary Burns and John Dick (Left to right)

"I want people to know that when someone says 'If you need me, I'll come around' they mean it. To prove it, I will be running down to Dovercourt."

Mr Wrightson said the furthest he has run so far is 40 miles but he is determined to complete his run to Dovercourt next June and hopes to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity and Rock 2 Recovery UK, which support the mental health of veterans..

He currently has seven sponsors for the 'Bootneck Sprit 169 miles run'.

"Bootneck is the slang term for Royal Marines, something we take a lot of honour in being called," he said.

John Dick's remains were found in Dovercourt two weeks ago
John Dick's remains were found in Dovercourt two weeks ago

He adds that while the issue is more prevalent amongst men in the military, it is not exclusive to the profession.

"I'm sure a lot of men feel this way, people say it is about pride but I don't think it is. We are all just so caught up with our own demons and problems at times that we don't think about the people who are out there to help us.

"I want to get the message out there that there are a lot of good human beings out there that sometimes feel useless and helpless when people are struggling behind closed doors, and the key is to get people opening up and start talking.

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"Maybe somebody will pick up the phone and call me one day when they need me, then I'll know this has worked. If it doesn't, I'll do it again the year after and the year after."

He will start his run at the Humber Bridge on 3 June 2022 and hopes to complete in just over two days and nights. Donations can be made on his GoFundMe page.

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