This is the dramatic moment that a 120mph chase around residential streets came to a head in the early hours of this morning.

Officers spotted the stolen car in Bury at around 2.50am and began a pursuit through 30mph roads in a housing estate.

Helicopters circling the skies gave police on the ground details of where the getaway driver was going and any dangers ahead.

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He could be heard saying: "Bolton Road, Bolton Road, speed 110mph, no vehicles on the road, no pedestrians."

As the car turned into Lancaster Drive, down Ainsworth Road and onto Victory Road - the helicopter pilot said: "We had no breaking action through that junction at 100mph, I am constantly risk assessing this persuit."

At one point in footage shared by Greater Manchester Police this evening the dash cam flashed '117mph blue lights'.

In the video, a driver and pedestrian are then seen grinding to a complete standstill before scrambling out of the car.

Helicopter footage from above shows two white figures running down a path into the back of a house.

Writing on Twitter, Greater Manchester Police said: "Police engaged in a lengthy persuit of the vehicle.

"The two men inside the car were later located and arrested."

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