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The Chase’s Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett punches the wall as he storms off after losing to contestants

THE Chase's Mark 'The Beast' Labbett proved just how much he hates losing - by punching the wall as he stormed off the show.

Brainbox Mark, 54, got beaten by two contestants on the ITV teatime quiz last week, leaving some fans fearing for the furniture.

One tweeted: "That set is being held together with duct tape, superglue and Blu-Tack - it can't take another hit!"

Most were delighted with the meltdown, with one viewer giggling: "The Beast throwing a strop."
Another wrote: "Would be brilliant if all 4 contestants took back the high offers and beat the chaser mark labbett the Beast, Mark would prob punch down the studio."

He got questions about EastEnders' Aunt Sal, where Canvey Island is, and the name of Africa's second-longest river wrong - leaving him fuming.

What The Beast got wrong

What is the second longest river in Africa?

He said: The Niger

Correct answer: Congo

Aunt Sal is the sister of which EastEnders character?

He said: Alfie Moon

Correct answer: Peggy Mitchell

Sundries is the Australian word for...

He said: [Interrupting] Extras

Correct answer: Cricket

What is the largest bird native to the Americas?

He said: Condor

Correct answer: Rhea

The TV drama Stranger Things is set in which decade?

He said: 60s

Correct answer: 80s

Canvey Island is in which English county?

He said: Kent

Answer: Essex

The Beast did politely congratulate Ian and Lynn, telling them: "Well played team, you deserve it" before getting out of his seat growling.

He was then seen hammering a fist into the side of the wall as he stormed out.

Bradley Walsh told the players: "Oops, I think he's a little bit upset. He's furious.

"For those of you who think it's all part of the show, it isn't, he is furious - and has stormed off."

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