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The Chase’s Mark Labbett lost for words as Bradley Walsh brands him ‘ignorant’ after nightmare blunder

THE Chase's Mark Labbett was lost for words as Bradley Walsh branded him "ignorant" after nightmare blunder.

The 60-year-old presenter took a cheeky swipe at the quizmaster after he got a question wrong during one of the rounds.

Bradley hosted the repeated episode with four hopefuls taking on The Beast.

Mark battled contestant Olivia, however there was one question that came up in the first out that left them both baffled.

Bradley asked the pair: "Who was the first US president to visit all 50 states while in office?"

The multiple choice options were between A) Richard Nixon, B) Bill Clinton and C) Barack Obama.

Olivia guessed Bill Clinton, as Bradley commented: "I've got to say, even for back in the day, Nixon, that would have been far too late for a president to visit 50 states, why hadn't anyone visited them before while they were in office?"

Mark replied: "Well for starters, there weren't 50 states until 1959, so Eisenhower would have been the first president who could have visited all 50."

Bradley fired back: "All right settle down!”

Mark went onto take a little dig at the host adding: “Well, I just want to correct your ignorance, the problem is I have to do it so often."

However, Mark was left red-faced when it was revealed that he got the question wrong.

The correct answer was in fact Richard Nixon - with The Beast mistakenly choosing Barack Obama.

Bradley used this opportunity to get his own back and took a swipe at the quizzing genius.

The TV host joked: "I think you'll find it was Richard Nixon!

"I hate to correct your ignorance, I have to do it so often!"

Mark played along replying: “Touche.”

Sadly Olivia was defeated by the quizmaster and was sent home without a penny.

Her fellow contestants Jon and Suzi both managed to make it to the final with a total of £14,000.

But the pair were unfortunately caught by the Chaser with plenty of time to spare, despite answering 13 questions correctly in the final round.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

The Chase's Mark Labbett rips into contestant for ignoring Bradley Walsh and taking outrageous minus offer

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