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The Big Bang Theory fans spot multiple blunders in Time Machine replica episode

BIG Bang Theory fans have called out the accuracy of the show's Time Machine as they pour over past episodes of the comedy.

Viewers glued to the action of Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and co were left devastated when the series ended in 2019 and - with plentiful time on their hands during coronavirus imposed lockdown - have flagged some odd details.

This has recently included the Time Machine, featured back in the first season episode entitled
The Nerdvana Annihilation, and a replica device from 1960 film, The Time Machine.

Sharp-eyed viewers have called out operational issues, as well as supposed plot holes with the way in which Leonard moves the lever.

On fan blogger website, one Big Bang enthusiast wrote: The time machine in this episode is supposedly the same one used in the H.G. Wells movie, but there are mistakes in the controls that would have been obvious to the characters.

"When Leonard first gets into the machine he talks about traveling into the past and says something like “I'm setting the date to...”

"That is the method used to operate the Wayback Machine in the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon, but not the time machine in the H.G. Wells movie."

The eagle eyed fan also added: "In the movie the default position of the lever was at a 45 degree angle.

"Pushing the lever forward moved the machine into the future, pulling back on the lever moved the machine into the past.

"In the TV show the default position of the lever is vertical and Leonard pulls the lever backwards to move forward into the future - opposite of the movie."

Meanwhile, some of the plot bloopers were directed at Howard, too.

Another fan on the same website wrote: "Leonard says he will set the date for March 10, 1876. "Howard says “Good choice. Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone and calls out for Doctor Watson.”
"Bell's assistant, Thomas A. Watson, was an experienced electrical designer and mechanic, but he did not hold an advanced degree.

"It is well documented that the first words transmitted over the telephone identified him as Mister Watson."

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