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The Bachelor’s disgraced Chris Harrison ‘FIRED’ by Cameo as ex-host no longer available to send fans $350 videos

The disgraced face of the ABC franchise has charged $350-$500 for personalized videos but on Monday, the website shut down access for fans to book Chris. 

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Chris, 49, joined the celebrity video-sharing platform in 2018 and has made hundreds of fan-requested messages since. 

As stars set their own price for the service, the TV personality has long been one of the highest-charging celebs on Cameo. 

He initially set the price tag at $500 per message - which averaged to be around 45-60 seconds long. 

However, he recently dropped the hefty number down to $350 and continued fulfilling requests up until Sunday evening. 

While it’s not clear the exact number of video’s he’s made, the Bachelor host has garnered 522 five-star reviews - with his most recent being just two days ago on February 21, 2021. 

That number alone would mean Chris has racked in over $250,000 from his Cameo services. 

Chris’ clips were uploaded as recently as this weekend however, the “Book” button has now been changed to “Notify me when available.”

Cameo did not immediately respond for The Sun's request for comment.

Chris asked fans to show “compassion” for Rachael Kirkconnell, 24, after resurfaced photos showed her attending an “Old South” plantation party with deep ties to the Confederacy in 2018. 

The longtime face of the franchise added that he’s not the “woke police” and alleged certain things regarding race were acceptable in 2018 but not in 2021. 

Following the backlash, the executive producer announced he was “stepping away” entirely from the franchise indefinitely to do some “learning.” 

However, critics questioned why Chris would continue making Cameo’s and profiting off the TV series if he was supposed to be away. 

“The issue with Chris Harrison still using Cameo is that he said he would be removing himself from the Bachelor franchise for a period of time—he is clearly still using his association with #BachelorNation to make money during his “absence,” one person tweeted. 

Another wrote: "Hi #ChrisHarrison was “taking time away” but also completed Cameo requests so I’m back with #FireChrisHarrison.”

“#ChrisHarrison is supposed to be taking time off to learn yet he has started doing cameos again. I would hate to meet the person willing to pay $350 for a CH cameo,” a third said.

This comes as the latest career hit for Chris - who was dropped by Manly Bands last week as the jewelry brand completely scrubbed the disgraced figure from ALL their ads. 

His 24-piece ring collection - which ranged from $650-$3,500 - is also no longer available for purchase. 

In addition, Procter & Gamble Co. announced they are considering using Chris' already-filmed Crest commercials.

Adding to the repercussions, an episode of Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune starring Chris was also postponed and most likely completely scrapped, The Sun exclusively revealed. 

Yesterday, Matt James spoke for the first time about the show's ongoing race issue that has Rachael and Chris at the center - calling their behavior “devastating.”

He wrote in a statement: “The past few weeks have been some of the most challenging of my life, and while there are several episodes left of the season, it is important that I take the time to address the troubling information that has come to light since we wrapped filming.

“Including the incredibly disappointing photos of Rachael Kirkconnell and the interview between Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison."

The TV star continued: "The reality is that I'm learning about these situations in real time, and it has been devastating and heartbreaking to put it bluntly.

"Chris's failure to receive and understand the emotional labor that my friend Rachel Lindsay was taking on by graciously and patiently explaining the racist history of the Antebellum South, a painful history that every American should understand intimately, was troubling and painful to watch.”

The Bachelor's Chris Harrison appears in Cameo before he is 'FIRED' by the company and will no longer available to send fans $350 videos

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