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The 36 best Christmas gifts for kids 2020: The top creative, crafty, fun presents and more

WHAT are the best Christmas gifts for kids? It’s not an easy question to answer.

Luckily, we’ve put together a guide of top options to help put smiles on smaller faces.

Whether you’re shopping for your own kids, a niece, a nephew or a friend’s child, we all know children have curiosities to be fed.

So when looking at christmas presents for kids, it’s helpful to know what the child you’re buying for is really interested in: their favourite books, TV shows or interests are a strong place to start.

If not, knowing the type of gift the recipient would appreciate is helpful. Don’t worry if not, our best Christmas gifts for kids lists below include top toys and presents for this Christmas to help you out.

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While Christmas isn’t far away, even before it there’s Black Friday. It’s worth keeping an eye out during its sales as you may find even better savings.

Whenever you are shopping, just make sure to not leave ordering too late. You’ll want any orders to be delivered in time.

Gifts for girls

Girls or boys might enjoy any of the below presents: It's best to have an idea of interests before buying, but these are some of top picks for this Christmas.

  1. Plus-Plus 600 Piece Basic Mix, £21.48 - buy here
  2. L.O.L Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Honeylicious Fashion Doll, £48.99 - buy here
  3. Vtech KidiZoom Studio, £60 - buy here
  4. Into The Unknown Singing Elsa Doll, £35 - buy here
  5. Bing Wooden Carry Along House, £14.99 - buy here
  6. Fab Lab Hair Flair Deluxe, £19.99 - buy here
  7. Barbie Fresh 'n' Fun Food Truck, £49.99 - buy here

Gifts for boys

Likewise, PAW Patrol, Lego and Mario aren't just for boys, but these options could hit the mark - Kinetic Sand is a particularly creative option for kids with big imaginations.

  1. PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Motorised Dino Patroller Team Vehicle, £65 - buy here
  2. Kinetic Sand, £20 - buy here
  3. Lego Super Mario Adventures Starter Course Toy Game, £50 - buy here
  4. The Child Soft Toy, Star Wars The Mandalorian, £21 - buy here
  5. Nerf Bunkr Inflatable Battle Stackers, £18.99 - buy here
  6. Power Treads Stunt Vehicle Track Set, £24.99 - buy here

Gifts for kids who love animals

Animal loving little ones might want to have fun with the Squeakee Balloon Dog, pretend they run a small animal boarding, or learn about the ways people around the world are working to help protect animals.

  1. Squeakee 12300 Interactive Balloon Dog, £59.99 - buy here
  2. Playmobil 9277 City Life Small Animal Boarding Playset, £20 - buy here
  3. Earth Heroes book, £8.19 - buy here
  4. Baby Shark Sing and Snuggle Plush, £19.99 - buy here

Gifts for kids who like to draw

If you know a child who has a deep love of drawing or design, these are our picks for the best Christmas gifts for kids who like to draw. They should bring them some creative joy.

  1. Draw Your Own Comic, £4.32 - buy here
  2. KIDDYCOLOR 211 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set Box for Beginners, £23.99 - buy here
  3. Smart Pixelator, £40 - buy here
  4. Little Brian Giant Paint Sticks, £19.99 - buy here

Gifts for kids who like to cook

Budding chefs or bakers? There are some great option for children with culinary interests.

  1. dmazing Chef Set for Kids, £10.99 - buy here
  2. MasterChef Baking Set For Kids, £14.99 - buy here
  3. Masterchef Junior Cookbook, £15.99 - buy here

Personalised gifts for kids

Looking for something for children to cherish? These personalised gifts for kids can help a child feel even more special.

  1. Personalised Very Hungry Caterpillar, £27.99 - buy here
  2. Personalised dressing gown, from £26 - buy here
  3. Personalised Moon and Stars Shape Clock, £24.99 - buy here

Gifts for kids who have everything

Struggling for ideas? Let them get creative in choosing their own adventure, designing a doll friend or using their imaginations to escape the danger of The floor is lava.

  1. Choose Your Own Adventure, £24.38 - buy here
  2. Designafriend Doll, from £15 - buy here
  3. The Floor Is Lava!, £14.99 - buy here
  4. Silly Sounds Traditional, £12.99 - buy here
  5. Snapsies, £8 - buy here

What are the top toys for Christmas 2020?

Top toys for Christmas 2020 are slightly different from retailer to retailer.

Argos' top toys for Christmas 2020 include Hatchimals Pixies, Designafriend Doll, The Child Animatronic Edition (Baby Yoda), and the Vtech KidiZoom camera.

For Amazon, top toys include Uno Showdown, Playmobil Back to The Future DeLorean and the LOL Surprise! OMG Remix Honeylicious fashion doll.

Finally, some of Dream Toys' top toys for Christmas 2020 are Lego Harry Potter's Hedwig, Monopoly for Sore Losers and Present Pets.

Razor has sold a whopping 34 million scooters over the past several years - making them a must have for kids this year

What do kids really want for Christmas?

Kids may be good at telling you what presents they want with specific toys or experiences, and that's useful for hitting the shops or planning something new.

But they may also want more family time, to have a sense of wonder, support in a new hobby or interest, or Christmas that's a bit different.

All of those can be christmas presents for kids to enjoy, alongside or even without a brand new tooy ot play with.

The best way to find out what kids really want may be to ask. Or, if they're friends' children, or nieces or nephews, ask their parents to get an idea of what they might want.

What do you give a grown child for Christmas?

Grown children know their own minds, so finding out what they want might be key.

Alternatively, if they particularly enjoy a topid - like music, sports, science or design - you can try to get them something which will deepen their interest.

That may be a book related to a sports team or hero they have. Or if you share an interest it might be a commitment to spending more time enjoying the interest together.

What can I give instead of gifts for Christmas?

If you still want a child to get something but you're not sure what, a voucher for them or their parents to choose a gift might be a good option.

Lots of retailers offer gift vouchers, and they provide the freedom that getting a specific present doesn't.

Lessons are another option, if a child wants to learn a skill. Or even your own time can be a gift if you can help develop an interest or skill which you have knowledge of.

What do you get the kid who has everything?

An adventure or fun days based around something they love.

Even if it's tricky to get out at Christmas, a promise of a future adventure, or a homemade one around the home could capture their curiosity this December.

If toys and adventure aren't likely to work, a good book or two to capture their imaginations might be a fairly afforable way to bring them enjoyment.

Just make sure it's around something they already enjoy - to help ensure they're interested form the off.

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