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The 100 series finale: Fan theories suggest CW show ends with ‘extinction of the human race’ and every character dead

THE CW’s long-running post-apocalyptic series, The 100, is coming to an end later this year with its season 7 and series finale.

Fan theories on how the show could wrap up are rolling in and one idea picking up steam is the possibility of everyone dying.

A new Reddit fan theory speculates the upcoming The 100 season 7 finale, which doubles as the show’s series finale, sees the “extinction of the human race” for good.

Laying out their thinking, the user explained: “I know it’s possible because the show was never afraid to go that far. So what if somehow Bellamy dies to save Octavia’s life and this will cause Clarke to truly snap?

“After losing her dad, her mom, her true love Lexa, most of her friends and possibly even Madi to Sheidheda later this season, Clarke finds no other reason to live and causes the extinction of the entire human race including herself, pulling another lever.”

Most seasons of The 100 for some reason have ended with a random lever being pulled, which is why the user suggests it could happen again, “one last time,” with it not just killing some people this time but everyone.

The Redditer noted how quickly Clarke (Eliza Taylor) snapped at the end of the season 7 premiere when Russell (JR Bourne) started antagonizing her, causing her to switch from wanting to keep him alive to wanting him dead.

While the show as a whole has always been about the characters needing to learn to do better, be better, whether good guys actually exist or not, the user suggests they “fail” at that mission, and, in doing do, the show ends with the massacre of the human race.

This would mean the death of many fan-favorites, including Clarke, Bellamy (Bob Morley), Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), Murphy (Richard Harmon), Madi (Lola Flanery), Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Indra (Adina Porter), Emori (Luisa d’Oliveira) and more.

The poster said it would give the “powerful message of ‘do better or this is how we end,’ gaining our humanity isn’t enough, we need to maintain it.”

Commenters were split on whether they agreed with this fan theory or not, and some supplied their own theories about what could possibly happen in the series finale.

One said this idea is “sadly plausible…[and] is certainly a way to get the message across,” while another agreed, saying, “Yeah sounds like something the 100 would do and your reasoning for Clark is well written.”

A 100 fan brought up the same idea on Twitter, saying they think whoever gets the mind drive put in next will somehow cause “another extinction level event.”

Another Redditer noted that it “would be pretty bold and the show could pull it off,” they don’t believe the CW series will do so, thinking instead the end will be “uncertain and full of potential like characters stuck in different planets separated from each other.”

Someone else had one small change to the theory, suggesting that while almost everyone dies, Clarke survives.

They shared: “Honestly I was thinking because the show started with Clarke in isolation it would end with her in isolation again, except everyone’s dead.”

Season 7 of The 100 consists of 16 episodes, and two have already aired.

Episode 3 premieres on The CW at 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

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