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Thank you to our wonderful Jabs Army volunteers – you’re our heroes


WE’VE never been prouder of Sun readers.

NHS chief Sir Simon Stevens says our 50,000-plus Jabs Army volunteers have been a key part of the vaccine programme rescuing Britain from Covid.

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Within days we will regain most of our freedoms.

Next month we will even ditch masks and social distancing. Our economy is roaring back.

Who foresaw this in the dark days of January?

The rollout has worked a miracle. Credit to the inventors, drug firms, NHS and Government.

But, as Simon says: “We could not have done it alone. The Sun’s Jabs Army played a vital role.”

Our thanks to all of you who volunteered — you’re our heroes.

Keep ready to join

ARE you a Jabs Army recruit? The Royal Voluntary Service is urging everyone who has signed up to be a volunteer to keep checking when they can help.

For the jabs rollout to keep up its momentum they need more volunteer stewards than ever to keep up with demand. This can be done by going on the GoodSAM app to see which shifts are available in your area. Then simply book yourself in to help.

Royal Voluntary Service Chief Executive Catherine Johnstone CBE, said: “We continue to be blown away by the incredible work of our Steward Volunteers. I’d like to say an enormous thank you to every single volunteer.

“Your time and effort has been nothing short of amazing. There are still lots more people to be vaccinated so please do stick with us and keep checking your GoodSAM app for shift updates.

“We’re also encouraging people to sign up to our Next In Line list – registering to be called on to become a Steward Volunteer if there is an increased need in your area. Please do sign up at” 

NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens said of the Jabs Army: “Sometimes the worst of circumstances bring out the best in people and this is certainly true with the tens of thousands of volunteers who have stepped up to do their bit.

“So on behalf of everyone in the NHS, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the Jabs Army volunteers and The Sun for this fantastic campaign which has been at the heart of the greatest national mobilisation since the Second World War.”

Sherrie Hewson hails The Sun's 'amazing' Jabs Army as she volunteers at vaccination centre

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