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Texas mobilises 1,000 troops, DC boards up shops and National Guard on alert as US braces for election violence

TEXAS is set to send 1,000 troops to help counter violence and unrest while Washington DC has begun to board up shops in preparation of the aftermath of the US elections.

As the country prepares to go to the polls, states across the country are putting measures in place to avoid escalations after a tense campaign.

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Shops in Washington DC have also began to board up their windows ahead of the November 3 polls.

An official with the Texas National Guard, Maj. Gen. James K. Brown confirmed the move to the Express News saying it will be there in support of local law enforcers as "as we did previously to deter any civil disturbance at sites in various cities within Texas".

The cities which will have the National Guard present in Texas are Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonia, according to Brandon Jones, a spokesman for the Texas Guard.

He said: "Right now, we could go to 1,000 troops in support of civil disturbance operations.

"We are going to guard buildings just like we did during the George Floyd protests earlier this year."

He also said that the National Guard would not "go anywhere near" locations where people are voting as that had not been "requested".

Military police units have also been allocated in Alabama and Arizona.

In Philadelphia, a hotline has been set up to investigate reports of voter intimidation by the state's District Attorney, Larry Krasner.

Several businesses in the country's capital of Washington DC started to board up as preventive measures against violence.

It also being reported that shops in the upscale Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills will also be boarded up.

The Beverly Hills Police Department has instructed business owners to board up by November 2 as they plan on shutting down the street on the day.

Cars and pedestrians will have no access to the street "out of the safety for the community and business patrons".

Training is currently ongoing for 300 members of the National Guard to combat unrest in Washington state.

New York's NYPD is also bracing up for civil unrest and is said to be practicing everyday to deal with the aftermath of the elections.

Meanwhile, officers in Seattle have had their day off canceled as the state plans to utilize all resources available.

These measures come after a tense campaign which has severely divided the country.

Tensions are also high as a result of rhetoric which have come from president Donald Trump.

Trump is set to face-off with Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Last week, reports emerged that the FBI together with local law enforcements were performing drills and considering the possibility of violence ahead of November 3.

This comes after it was reported that there have been voter intimidation across the country.

Authorities are also concerned following mass protests of racial injustice and the response to the coronavirus pandemic, which have sometimes resulted in violence.

Experts are also worried that the divisive rhetoric which has dominated the campaign could be spark violence following the elections.

Donald Trump's refusal to denounce right wing groups such as the Proud Boys, telling them to "stand down and stand by" have also been a concern to experts.

Also, there have been several suggestions by the president that the Democrats are planning on rigging the elections to ensure former Vice President Biden becomes president.

This theory has not been backed up by any evidence, however.

Trump has also spoken about widespread election fraud, a claim which has also not been substantiated.

The Mail Online also reports that the sale of guns have also been on the increase.

This year, a number of government agencies have joined together to ensure the elections is not marred by disturbances.

Concerns have also been raised after the president previously refused to say whether he will acknowledge the outcome of the election results.

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