Tesco customers paid up to three times more for their shopping this weekend after a payment software glitch affected some card payments.

Shoppers who paid via online bank Monzo were charged twice on Friday, according to consumer website MoneySavingExpert.

However, another payment problem struck over the weekend when some shoppers tried to pay for their purchases using contactless payments, only to be told it had been declined.

They then tried to pay again, which worked, only to find that they had been charged twice - or even three times. Some customers on social media said they had to spend "endless time" on their day off talking to their bank.

Customers took to social media to complain to Tesco about the multiple charges
Customers took to social media to complain to Tesco about the multiple charges

Other customers were forced to get cash out to pay for their groceries, only to find an earlier card payment had gone through after all, reports Mirror Online.

One person took to social media to voice how upset he was after being left £77.75 out of pocket and posted on Twitter: “To say you've lost me as a loyal customer is an understatement,”

And after finding out he had been charged three times for the same transaction in the store café one man tweeted that he would have to wait until Monday, June 14 for a refund.

He wrote: "I can’t get my money back until Monday at least because it’s the weekend. Massive pain.”

Anyone who has shopped in Tesco since Friday, June 11 has been urged to check their bank account and make sure they have been charged the correct amount.

However, Tesco said it would issue refunds automatically over the next few days.

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A Tesco spokesperson said: “We had a temporary problem with a small number of contactless card payments in our stores on Saturday.

"We very quickly fixed the issue but we are sorry to any customer that was affected. Customers will only pay once and any duplicate authorisations in their accounts will be automatically reversed.”

This is not the first time the supermarket's customers have struggled with payment problems.

In January, Tesco customers were left baffled after being charged for fuel top-ups they made months ago.

Shoppers began to get payment requests for fuel they purchased in 2020 - in some cases three months after they visited the supermarket.

However, the supermarket said none of its fuel customers were charged twice - and some ended up not being charged at all.

Last week the Mirror reported that the supermarket chain would give a charged for fuel top-ups to floor and distribution staff who are paid hourly rates, taking their pay from £9.30 to £9.55.

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However, one Tesco employee, who spent 26 years working on the shop floor, says staff were ‘too scared’ to confront managers about equal pay after being told ‘that’s just the way it is’.

Christine Sepahi, now 69, is one of thousands of workers taking the grocer to court over allegations that it systemically underpaid staff over a six year period.

Sepahi, like many of her colleagues, who are mostly female, claims she was paid £1.50 to £3 an hour less than distribution staff – who are mostly male.

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