Tesco customers are taking advantage of a price glitch at the tills that sees discounts on £3 meal deals applies twice.

It means people have been picking up food for remarkable prices, both online and in store, with some getting a sandwich, shack and drink for just 4p.

One person posted a video of getting £19 worth of food for just 47p after putting through a series of meal deals at once.

One shopper tweeted: "Two meal deals for £1.89? I think I broke @Tesco."

Another added: "Get yersel doon tae Tesco just got a meal deal for £1.20"

A third wrote: "Got a meal deal out of Tesco £1.40...Mondays a good day."

Normally, when the tills at Tesco recognise three qualifying meal deal items, it adjusts the price down to £3.

The problem appears to be that the automatic discount is being applies twice.

That means the bigger the savings you were originally due, the bigger the error.

One person shared a picture of his receipt where a £2.96 original discount was applied twice - seeing his total bill coming to just 4p.

Reports have since come in saying some shops have closed their sandwich aisles to stop people from taking advantage.

A Tesco spokesman told Mirror Money: We’ve now resolved a technical issue which affected some of our meal deals. We hope that those customers who received a little extra discount enjoyed their lunch.”