Fuel suppliers say the majority of their forecourts are still open and have plenty of stock as panic-buying continues.

A number of petrol stations are closed or are facing huge queues of motorists across Greater Manchester on Sunday.

The M.E.N has visited stations in Middleton, Salford, Bury and Manchester.

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At Tesco in Bury and Whitefield the pumps were open but very busy with long queues of drivers waiting to get in, while Tesco in Middleton was closed.

ASDA's fuel station in Eastlands was closed, as was a branch of Shell in Whitefield.

Queues at Alkrington Service Station in Rochdale

Morrisons in Swinton, Salford, had big queues of motorists and the situation was similar at Alkrington Service Station in Rochdale.

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps appeared on TV this morning to insist the country has no issue with fuel supply and that the panic has been 'manufactured'.

“The good news is there is plenty of fuel, the bad news is if everyone carries on buying it when they don’t need it then we will continue to have queues," Mr Shapps said.

A shortage of HGV drivers is thought to be the main issue around fuel supply with the UK said to be in need of more than 100,000 to meet current demand.

The pumps at ASDA Eastlands are closed

The government is writing letters to more than 1 million people with HGV licences to try and encourage them to come back to work and offering temporary visas to more than 5,000 foreign drivers.

Several of the country's fuel suppliers have now issued statements on the current situation at forecourts.

Tesco has confirmed it is experiencing 'temporary outages in a small number of areas.'

However, the company insists it is not 'rationing' fuel.

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A Tesco spokesperson added: “We have good availability of fuel, and we’re working really hard to ensure regular deliveries to our petrol filling stations across the UK every day”.

A BP spokesman said: "We are experiencing fuel supply issues at some of our retail sites. This is being caused by a shortage of qualified drivers. The majority of the 1200 sites we supply remain supplied and open.

"However, at the moment we estimate that 10 to 15 per cent of sites in this network currently may not have one grade of fuel or another."

A Shell garage in Whitefield, Bury, is closed on Sunday

Shell added: "We are working hard to ensure supplies for customers. Since Friday we have been seeing a higher-than-normal demand across our network which is resulting in some sites running low on some grades."

And Morrisons said: "It is a rapidly moving situation and we are working hard with our suppliers to ensure we can continue to keep our pumps open and serve our customers"