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Tesco explain why they have doubled the price of their plastic bags

TESCO have explained why they have taken the decision to double the price of their plastic bags.

Here's everything you need to know.

How much do the plastic bags cost?

Tesco have increased the cost of its plastic bags from 10p to 20p.

The increase in price brings the supermarket in line with competitors Asda and Sainsbury’s. Morrisons currently charges the most, at 30p per bag.

Why has the price doubled?

Tesco says its decision to double the price of carrier bags is intended to encourage all shoppers to reuse bags and cut down on unnecessary plastic.

Research into the use of single-use plastic bags in England showed that when the mandatory carrier bag charge was introduced in 2015, plastic bag sales in major supermarkets dropped by 86 per cent.

Morrisons and Waitrose plan to eventually get rid of plastic bags all together.

What has the reaction been to the price rise?

Environmental groups praised Tesco’s decision, but called for a greater rise in price to align with their recommendations.

Christina Dixon from the Environmental Investigation Agency, said: “Our recommendation is selling bags for at least 70p to truly drive the change we need to protect our environment.”

However, some have criticised the increase in price, with one church minister telling The Sun, that the rise in price could affect the most vulnerable.

In the Covid era, he pointed to carers being unable to use their patients' bags because of the risk of infection, with the new charge increasing the cost of their daily or weekly shop.

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