Dramatic footage shows members of the public attempting to rescue a woman who fell into the River Mersey, this weekend.

The incident was caught on camera by a blogger, LADmob, who captures virtual walking tours across the country.

LADmob had been walking around the Albert Dock when he spotted a commotion, caused by a woman falling into the water at Hartley Quay, on Saturday, May 8.

He rushed to the waterfront and captured strangers running towards the woman and shouting for help.

A number of people are on the phone to emergency services and one person can be heard saying: "I need the coastguard there's someone in the water at the Albert Dock and they can't swim."

The footage shows that within a matter of seconds up to a dozen people have gathered and are throwing lifebuoy rings into the water.

However the woman is struggling to get hold of them and the blogger can be heard saying: "Come on, throw it, come on. Man I'm shaking."

At one point five lifebuoy rings are in the water but the woman cannot manage to get hold of any and is struggling in the water.

Thankfully after around five minutes in the water the Merseyside Fire and Rescue service were on scene to help the woman to safety.

At the end of the video the blogger captures an Albert Dock member of staff saying: "I thought she was gone then. She went underneath a couple of times completely but she got back in the ring somehow. I thought she was gone.

"Do you know when she went under? I thought that was it mate."

LADmob posted the video to YouTube, one user Harters75 commented: "That was terrifying to watch, so glad there were people around to help. Whatever the girl's situation I really hope she’ll be ok, someone was definitely watching over her today!"

Another William Roberts said: "How absolutely amazing those wonderful people are. Just when you think there is so much bad in the world. You see this and it makes you just thank the lord those wonderful people were right where they needed to be at that time."

A third Aleta Vidal added: "Omg what a scary experience, thank God she was rescued, that water was very choppy. I pray she gets through the trauma of this horrible experience."

Following the distressing incident the woman was taken to hospital for assessment.

Her condition is not known.

A Merseyside Fire and Rescue spokesperson said: "MFRS attended an incident at Hartley Quay, near to Albert Dock.

"Crews were alerted at 11.37am and on scene at 11.38am. Two engines, the search and rescue team and a marine fire boat attended.

"Our marine fire crew rescued one person, who had been holding on to a lifebelt in the water near the museum, from the River M.ersey.

"The Coastguard also attended and the casualty was taken to hospital for assessment after being treated at the scene by an off-duty doctor. MFRS left the scene at 12.16pm."