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Terrified woman feared for life after her arm got trapped in her bed for 13 hours


TERRIFIED Claire Montello feared for her life after her arm was trapped in her bed for 13 hours.

She was retrieving an MP3 player from the Ottoman’s storage space when a hinge mechanism failed and the top half fell on her left arm.

Husband Franco was on a night shift, their grown-up kids have left home and her phone was out of reach.

Claire, 39, screamed for help at 9.30pm — but her neighbour, 92, is deaf.

She spent the night in agony until Franco got home at 10.30am.

The mum of three said: “I thought I was going to die.

“I’m surprised I didn’t pass out from pain. When I saw Franco I let out the biggest sigh of relief.”

Care worker Franco, 61, said of last month’s drama: “I knew something was up when I walked in and the lights and TV were on. I lifted the bed. Her arm was flat when she got it out.”

Claire, of Chesterfield, suffered major crush trauma and needed four ops at Royal Derby hospital.

Claire said: "I'm still in agony.

"I've got a splint on it and I can't feel anything.

"I'm having to do everything with my right arm and I can't wash or do basic things by myself.

She said: “When I was in hospital Franco took a hammer to the bed. We won’t be using that type again.”

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