A street preacher was at the centre of havoc in Hull city centre after blocking McDonald's and being threatened with a milkshake drenching.

The man was shouting to a huge crowd on Jameson Street on Wednesday afternoon, before calling one onlooker "a witch".

The preacher, who is becoming widely recognised in the city centre, was joined by a female friend at around 4.45pm.

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A crowd of people were seen laughing at him as he began shouting: "Guys, witchcraft is evil in the eyes of God. Turn from your witchcraft, turn from your evil ways."

His return to the busy area comes after a street preacher, believed to be the same man, was drenched in milk by a member of an angry crowd back in July.

There were also reports of eggs being thrown at the man as he spoke from a bench in Queen Victoria Square on that occasion.

McDonalds, Jameson Street, was blocked on Wednesday afternoon after a street preached gathered a huge crowd

It came after a group of young people had taken issue with what the man was saying, which was believed to have involved the LGBT community.

Humberside Police were called and the witness said he saw three officers lead the man away from the scene to de-escalate the situation as the crowd cheered.

The witness said a police van was present which led him away.

A witness said the situation this week was not dissimilar, with a teenager girl primed to throw a McDonald's milkshake at him before the preacher's pleading prompted her to step away.

In July, an angry onlooker threw milk over the man after he was preaching on a bench in Queen Victoria Square

The witness said: "The preacher had attracted a fairly large group of onlookers. They were not hanging on his every word but seemed angry with what he was saying.

"I stopped to listen and he seemed to be spouting rather homophobic and misogynistic sentiments in the guise of a Christian message. From what I could hear he branded one heckler a 'witch' but she gave as good as she got and was cheered by some of those listening.

"I've seen him in town before and his views are certainly divisive and police have been present but none were there on Wednesday."

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He continued: "Someone threatened to throw a McDonald's milkshake at him and I'm sure something like that has happened to him before but he kept going."

The witness added they don't think this will be the last time we will see the preacher in Hull's city centre.

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